Terminator Genisys (2015) Review

John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother Sarah Connor. But when Reese arrives in 1984 everything has changed . . .

The storyline might be a little bit hard to handle and tricky at times, with a lot of time travel going on and different events which have pretty much changed everything. But it is done in a pretty good way so you can eventually get it, when you remember which year everyone was originally from.

I thought the film moved at a good pace and had plenty of action from the beginning so you know exactly where you stand with it. Obviously we still have Arnie and he is most certainly one of my guilty pleasures, he still gets some great one liners and the added bonus of the “smile” – seriously that was just a great touch.

Jai Courtney was very impressive in the leading role and kept you engaged throughout the film, working very well with Emilia Clarke. I will admit that I spent the entire film wondering where I recognised Clarke from, yes she is the blonde one from Game of Thrones! They played off each other well with the tension and hate they seem to have for one another.

I guess parts of it are strange when Sarah knows that she ends up falling in love with Kyle, so that is something we see her struggling to deal with. She does keep a lot of details from him, but it is all pretty obvious from the start even if a lot of the time zones are confusing for different characters.

I really liked that Genisys linked into today’s obsession with technology, in particular smart phones and social media. I think that is something that should make you think and wonder about the times before we relied on these items, and in the case of this film how quickly humanity can be destroyed with something being uploaded and then downloaded into the new software. Something we can relate to about in 2017 everyone walking around staring at a mobile or tablet.

So I guess the film is trying to send some messages about that, maybe not the full on destroying everyone but I guess some of these things can destroy lives if we look at it that way instead. I might be getting a little bit deep with some of this but think it was a very good idea in terms of story and a believable part to it all.

I cannot reveal a massive amount about the plot without spoiling it but the film is a lot of fun. I enjoyed it much more than I originally expected and is better than some action films that have come out in recent times. I guess with a Terminator film you are going to get some good parts. So if you are partial to a good action film I certainly recommend this one as think it was well put together with plenty to keep you engaged with high enjoyment levels.

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