Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. – London UK

Here is a very first for Let’s Go To The Movies, a blog post about a restaurant. But have no fear this is very very VERY movie related so do not worry about that. I made my first visit to a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant on Friday while in London, this is currently the only one in the UK as well.

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Stage Door – Patricia Clarkson

Before the whole craziness of Bradley Cooper coming out the stage, Patricia Clarkson was extremely quick coming out and took time to sign plenty of autographs. Possibly one of those actresses who you recognise, probably because she has had a lot of supporting roles in many different types of films. She was lovely too and posed for some photos as well as a selfie after saying she looked awful! She was brilliant in The Elephant Man.

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Stage Door – Bradley Cooper

So my recent trip down to London I went to see The Elephant Man – Review here. I had to try and see Bradley Cooper at the stage door, so prior to the show I checked out where about’s it was so I could head quickly round at the end. This was successful and very good. As you will see soon though it did not all go to plan at all . . .

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7 Heartbreaking Moments in An Affair to Remember

After taking part in the History Blogathon and mentioning An Affair to Remember, it made me want to watch it again. In the process it also meant that I am inspired to write this post. The film really does break your heart so many times, it’s quite crazy! So I have picked seven times it manages to do just that. But it could actually be more than seven really.


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