Oklahoma (UK Tour) – Newcastle


Aunt Eller – Belinda Lang

Curly – Ashley Day

Laurey – Charlotte Wakefield

Ike Skidmore – Barnaby Thompson

Fred – Robbie Boyle

Slim – Simon Anthony

Will Parker – James O’Connell

Jud Fry – Nic Greenshields

Ado Annie – Lucy May Barker

Show Date – Saturday 27th June 2015 (Matinee)

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Musical Moments – Oklahoma!

I went to see the latest UK touring production of Oklahoma over the weekend (review will be up soon) so that is why I have decided to post a couple of videos for this week’s Musical Moments.

Ok so it’s Monday so your thinking no it really cannot be a beautiful morning, so I decided to even it out by picking Hugh Jackman’s performance 😉

Also a clip from one of my favourite films ‘When Harry Met Sally’ involving Billy Crystal and a karaoke machine as he sings a little bit of ‘Surrey with a Fringe on Top’ ❤

Blogathon – The Classic Movie History Project (2015)

I was very excited to see a post about The Classic Movie History Project Blogathon last week, so have managed to jump at the chance to look at some older films that I have throughly enjoyed and put my thoughts all together in one post about quite a few films.

The blogathon is being hosted by Fritz at Movies Silently, Ruth at Silver Screenings, Aurora at Once Upon A Screen and sponsored by Flicker Alley. My post is in the modern era . . .

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7 Favourite Films by Year

As you may already be aware that I have a feature that runs every now and then on Let’s Go To The Movies which I have named 7 Things. Mainly due to the number 7 be in my blog address and something a little bit different or even in-between a top 5 or top 10 list.

A few days ago I came up with a new idea to list my 7 favourite films from each year (that I have seen so far). I thought this would be a different way to put some lists together as when you do top 10 lists from each year it is based on the best films. So I thought with favourite they may not be the best film, but I enjoyed it anyway. Hopefully that makes sense. I will start posting these lists in the next few days.

I have one rule that I think will keep the lists even more interesting . . . I am not going to include any film that is in a franchise. So no sequels or anything that is in a series of films will be on the list. This is mainly because I am finding 2015 rather on the dull side when it comes to sequels and no original ideas. So hopefully this will show that we have had some great films each year that haven’t needed another film and stand alone as one of a kind.

The Apartment (1960) Review

C.C. Baxter finds himself quickly rising within the company he is working for, but has the fact he allows the executives a key to his apartment got something to do with it? His neighbours think he is the ultimate bachelor but that is far from the truth, everything seems to work out until he falls in love with one of the girls.

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Announcement: Childhood Films Blogathon

I have decided to attempt to host my second Blogathon here on Let’s Go To The Movies. The first one went well, but was not a massive success. So I am hoping that this one will more than make up for it!

With the release of Jurassic World and all the talk heading back to Jurassic Park which is very much one of my childhood films the idea for this Blogathon came about. So I thought why not make it into a Blogathon and learn more about your fellow bloggers and if they still actually like any of their childhood films.

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