Unfriended (2015) Review

A teenager’s online accounts suddenly become active on the first anniversary of her death, how is that possible?

Now I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this film, but be warned it is all done through a computer screen. This concept might not be ideal for everyone, it was a very interesting way to do things. Let’s face it teenagers and young people now live through technology and this is probably a regular occurrence for them to communicated via a computer. In this case Skype and iMessage are mainly used, on a Mac hello product placement from Apple! Not forgetting Google and YouTube. We all use these things of course, ok not Skype when you have FaceTime but we’ll let that go.

Laura Barns we quickly learn killed herself after she could not cope with videos of herself appearing online along with very nasty and horrible comments. But who had posted not only the video but the comments as well?

We are about to find out more and more information about this group of friends who are all talking via video message on Skype. But who is that random person who has somehow managed to get into the group? And who is sending the messages from Laura’s Facebook account?

Parts of the film are truly laughable I cannot deny that, the way Blaire sends the messages to her boyfriend Mitch is hilarious. Talk about over messaging someone while not even waiting a second for a reply. But I guess a lot of people, yes myself included are guilty of that. I have a minor complaint about the messages though, yes this will sound petty but no capital letters? Come on Apple products change these at  the start of a sentence. Ok that is very geeky but it did irritate me.

“Laura” decides that the group are going to play a game and one by one something gruesome happens and they are gone. It certainly does build everything up from the very first moment. It has a lot of tension and is edgy, it makes you think about online usage and how you are never really sure what people are capable of. I think the film actually gives an interesting take on cyberbullying and how it can really destroy someone pushing them to the edge.

So let’s hope it actually manages to scare teenagers to think about what they post/say/do online. I am so pleased I am older than that generation and we just had the start of mobile phones and text messages. I will say I did feel out of touch when I did not know what one of the text abbreviations actually stood for. Unfortunately my friend I saw the film with did not know either.

A slightly different and interesting concept of how to make a film, but it certainly did work and makes a lot of good points. Keeping a very high tension as you were never really sure what was going to happen next. Edge of the seat would be a brilliant way to explain this film, as it really does build up. But how will it all end? Not going to spoil anything, but give this one a chance you might be pleasantly surprised (as I was).

7 thoughts on “Unfriended (2015) Review

    • Yeah it really is different. It probably could have been done in a different way, I was hoping for a different ending though (don’t want to spoil it) – but I certainly think it will be very scary to the younger generation.

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