Wild Child (2008) Review

Poppy a Malibu teenager pushes her father to the edge following the death of her mother, in an attempt to calm her down he ships her off to the British boarding school her mother attended.


The main reason for wanting to watch this was to see how talented Emma Roberts is. I have heard a lot about her for a few years now, being a big Julia Roberts fan and yes you can see they are related when you look at Emma. So that was why I actually watched this film to start off with, as it was not really on my want to see list.

The storyline is nothing new, a spoilt girl going to a new school and trying to get herself expelled so she can go back home to America. It has been done on a few ocassions trying to get kicked out of school. She has no friends at first but then makes friends, and does not get on with some of the other girls.

Therefore a lot of the jokes and situations are very well known and pretty obvious how everything is going to unfold. While watching I thought this would be a child’s film but then realised it was a 12 so that must mean it was more of a teen aimed at film. Which I think they would have really enjoyed it. In some ways it reminded me of  St Trinian’s which is probably because it is based in an English boarding school.

In regards to Emma Roberts performance (after all it was the only big reason I decided to watch this film) I thought it was very good and promising. Hopefully she will be able to keep making films and then do the all important transition from child star to adult actor. So she is definitely one to watch.

3 thoughts on “Wild Child (2008) Review

  1. For a second there I thought Emma Roberts was Emma Watson and wondered what the hell she was doing in a flick like this. It dawned on me that it’s not the same person though! HAHA! Why do I fear that my daughter will start wanting to watch stuff like this very soon!


  2. Awww but stuff like this isnt that bad . . . yes I do realise it probably will be for you though haha. Women can get away watching films like this, men seem to struggle more.


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