Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) Review

Anastasia Steele’s life will never be the same again when she meets billionaire Christian Grey . . .

Now it has been a while since I read the books, well the first two I never made it to the third book. I was expecting the film to be the worst I had ever seen, but I would like to start this review by saying it really wasn’t actually that bad. It did not feel like 2 hours at all and the ending seemed to be very sudden.

It gets going straight away with the first meeting and moves at a very good pace after that and the chemistry between the pair is very good. It has more of a romantic feel than I expected and let’s face it Jamie Dornan really has become Christian Grey. It is certainly all about his eyes and the way he looks straight through her, the way every woman would just loved to be looked at. Yes I cannot deny that.

But obviously this is not a normal relationship or love story. Don’t be fooled about that incase you have been living under a rock for the past year this is about a S&M relationship. Which is not something that is well talked about in society, if many people engage in this is another talking point I guess. Pain involved with sexual arousal, yes really this made it onto the big screen.

The sex scenes were done in a pretty tasteful way to be totally honest, which again surprised me. It could have gone terribly wrong, but I’m not one for wanting to see full on sex scenes in films, less is more at times. This gives you enough to get the story and how Ana is supposed to be feeling about it all.

It brought parts of the book back to me as well as some of the lines which I will admit made me smile. Yes parts of it are very corny, but who wouldn’t want a billionaire to suddenly want them? Something is bound to go wrong with it all and he has a strange fetish. We find out a little bit about his background and start in life. Two main things which have caused him a lot of problems with people.

Dakota Johnson works very well as the awkward and pretty plain Anastasia. She is very close to what I imagined in the book and brings the character to the screen in such a believable way. You can relate to her and the silly comments at times, your reaction would be the same as hers with some of the things she has to think about and consider.

I have to mention Jamie Dornan again as he really has become Christian Grey. Not how I had pictured him when reading the books, which was something I didn’t like when seeing him in the first photos. But after watching the film I am now all for him as Mr Grey. That tie made plenty of appearances as well, that made me smile.

I’m thinking that you should only see this film if you have read the books as some of it will be very strange and not make as much sense. It is certainly going to be a big pull at the box office and I am sure it will be for quite a few weeks. Our cinema had plenty of screenings for the opening tonight and this will be for at least the next week. Whether the reviews are good or bad I am sure people will be wondering what all of the talk is about.

It will be interesting to see how many men will venture to see this one (not forced into it). Will you see Mr Grey now?

3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) Review

  1. I agree with most of your review. See, all you need when you watch it is an open mind and indepence (as in not joining the haters in their bandwagon just becaue it’s “cool”) and that’s what most people should realize. You should post this on as many sites and planforms as possible so more people can read an honest review. Thank you for writing it!

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