Mamma Mia! (2008) Review

Sophie uses her wedding in an attempt to work out which of the three men her mother Donna dated before conceiving her, so she invites them all to try and connect.


The box office smash of the summer of 2008. The feel good film of the summer and still a massive feel good film now. I went to see this in the cinema, maybe a couple of weeks after the release and the cinema was still packed. Which was just fantastic. People had been to see this film so many times, and I could just see why. It was one of those movies that yes they may not be the best in regards of acting etc but it was such an escape from real life and just over an hour and 40 minutes of enjoyment when you can forget everything and just sing along and love the characters.

The basic storyline is Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is getting married and wants to know who her father is so she invites the three possible men that it could be. All of which have not seen her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) for 20 years. But the only problem is Donna herself does not actually know who Sophie’s father is as all three men slightly overlapped.

But with all that unfolding was many different songs and dances, which most are very famous Abba songs. Just sung in slightly different ways. My two favorite character’s have to be Rosie (Julie Walters) and Tanya (Christine Baranski), Donna’s two best friends who are just hilarious and brilliant. Tanya is in my favorite musical number in the movie, which is “Does your mother know” its just so fantastic and she really owns.

Pierce Brosnan really did get quite a bit of stick for his singing or more talk/singing which he does but it is all in the aid of entertainment and it just kinda works out in some strange way because he really cannot sing but it still fits into the film. The scenes really make me fall about laughing as I cannot believe the final take that made the film was actually the best one?

This is a very easy film to just chill out and watch, with catchy songs, good dancing scenes and just fun in general. But it also has a few very sad touching moments. For me “the winner takes it all” with Donna singing to Sam (Pierce Brosnan) really just broke my heart because of Streep’s performance at this point. The tone of being really upset and almost crying “I dont wanna talk, about things we’ve gone through” and “just she kiss, like I used to kiss you”. Is all just so heartbreaking. I will admit that I do cry when watching that part.

I must talk a little about Meryl Streep as well, she is Streep and as usual gives a fantastic performance in this film. I was among a lot of other people who never expected to see Meryl in a musical. I have to admit that I was very curious and do not think that she is a bad singer or anything. As she is so good of an actress that her performing skills are just so incredible.

I also think my love affair with Colin Firth grows in which ever role he is in, because he is just so lovely in everything. But overall this is such a brilliant movie to watch with other people and just enjoy and sing along to.

8 thoughts on “Mamma Mia! (2008) Review

  1. Now the question is, did you ever get out and see one of the sing-a-long versions??

    I was conflicted when trying to review MM! I thought it was pretty good as a musical, but for anyone who didn’t care for musicals, this wasn’t gonna be the flick to win them over.


  2. No I didnt get to see one of the sing-a-long versions as I think I would have got annoyed, haha.

    Yeah that is a very good point, if your not a fan of musicals not exactly the best film to see. As its very break out into song all the time. But I am a massive musicals fan.


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