100 Sexiest Actors – 15-11

So onto the next 5 . . . who were all so close to the top 10 !!!


15. River Phoenix


Before his death he was labelled as one of the most impressive and gifted actors of his generation and he still carries that tag to this day. He was like another generations James Dean who was gone way before his time. River started out as a child star in “Stand By Me” and appeared in the Indiana Jones movie and was tipped to take over from Harrison Ford one day. But unfortunatly that day did not come, he was very sexy and that will live on in film.

14. Cary Grant


He really does have to be my ultimate blast from the past guy. He is just so sexy and incredible, I have to admit though I have not seen many of his movies. But he is in one of my all time favorites . . . “An Affair to Remember” and I am sure I would melt for him just like Deborah Kerr did. He had so much charm in that role, and really could have said that to anyone and he could have had them. He oozed sex appeal in old hollywood and I reckon he could have ran the place. The charisma he carried as well adds to the sexiness. But yes I would have loved to meet him at the top of the Empire State building, he has to be one of the main reasons why I love the Empire State building.

13. James Dean


Very much immortalised as a sexy young guy with his early death, after so much promise in his acting ability. But definatly has to be on of the sexiest men to EVER appear on the silver screen. He is still talked about to this day, and often mentioned in songs. I really think he could be under the definition of sexy. I mean look at that picture above and tell me you do not find him attractive . . . yeah right he was just hot.

12. Viggo Mortensen


Yes Viggo caught my attention as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings and man he was sexy !!! When I saw him out of costume at first I wasnt too sure I have to admit it, but after a while I was still like WOW this man is very sexy. He is very softly spoke off the screen and I think that adds to the attractiveness. I think also that he is very open about painting and writing poetry really adds to his sexiness as it gives him sensitivity which is also a big turn on.

11. Zac Efron

 I really do not know where to start when talking about Zac if I had done this list a year ago he probably would not have been in it, and now look he just missed out on making the top 10 ?!?!?! haha. How times change and you realise things. Maybe it was after his 21st birthday, I thought it was alright to fancy him? I dunno, but he really is one sexy young man (and like a few months younger than me) I usually like older men. But I would totally change that for Zac. Looking at the picture above it is just the sex. I think he will be around for a very long time and get even sexier with age.


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