Goodbye Netflix !!!

I am leaving the USA tonight to go back to England (which means YAY to Unlimted Cineworld pass being renewed !!! ) but sad about leaving Netflix. Got to catch up on some classic movies which I had missed !!! I just wish I could get it in England, but nope LOVEFiLm  is over there . . . does anyone have it? If so is it worth the money?

Introduction: My Top 250

It has taken me a week and a half to write down and then cut down my top 250 favorite films. I have now managed to get them into number order (some are probably interchangeable, and depending on the day I done it could end up in a different order).

I started off with the top 10 and then the top 20 which hasnt really changed much over the years. Then made groups of 20 and 10 and started dividing each film into a section. Then within that section they got their number, might not be the best way but it certainly did work and gave me a very good list.

Some films on the list are probably going to seem very strange, but I have a layout set up for each film. A picture from the film, a brief description, favorite moment(s), favorite quote(s) and reasons why. The higher up the list I go the more detail and reasons will come into it.

I am still trying to decide how many films to post together. Might start off as 10 then drop to 5 then 1 as I move higher up the list.

At the moment I am aiming for Monday 17th August for the first in my list 250-240 possibly!