The Art of Getting By (2011) Review

George Zinavoy is a loner who has made it to his senior year of high school without doing any work and believes that it really doesn’t matter to graduate and go to college. When he becomes friends with popular Sally Howe things are about to change.


George believes the quote that you are born alone and die alone and that everything else between that is an illusion, which means he will not do his school work and therefore does not care about graduating. It also means that he is a truly awful and insufferable character who has no features that are even nice at all. Which actually makes me wonder how I even made it through this film.

Sally Howe was always a horrible character who was not likeable which is probably why she ended up being friends with George. Even though he then wanted more but couldn’t admit that. Dustin another truly horrible character, although maybe the worst of the bunch considering he was an “artist” and therefore a few years older than the High School students he had met and then the relationship with Sally was a little bit odd as well.

I actually reached a point where I wasn’t even going to bother attempting putting together a review for this film but I actually wanted to log my thoughts, just quite frankly to save someone from wasting time watching this sub-standard coming of age film. Seriously you have to have at least one thing to like about the characters in this type of film!

The title is actually misleading as well I mean ‘The Art of Getting By’ sounds pretty good as well, as quite frankly at some stage of our lives we all just attempt to get by. However this fails to actually address how you should’t ever just want to get by and you should want to live instead.

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