The Art of Getting By (2011) Review

George Zinavoy is a loner who has made it to his senior year of high school without doing any work and believes that it really doesn’t matter to graduate and go to college. When he becomes friends with popular Sally Howe things are about to change.


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7 Reasons Jingle All The Way is the Greatest Christmas Film!

This has always been one of my favourite Christmas films (and guilty pleasures), I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. I mean come on who doesn’t? Maybe its best if people don’t answer that one though!


This post is obviously a bit of fun and just showing how many Christmas film essentials it really does have, that you might just forget about. I mean come on a dad is trying to get the latest hottest toy for his son, he doesn’t wait until Christmas Eve or anything and think it will be easy to just go and pick it up. Oh. Then gets into a battle with another dad who is also trying to find a Turbo Man doll, which creates for quite possible the worst Christmas Eve ever.


Who is with me and totally loves and appreciates Jingle All The Way?

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News: Auction To Win Role Opposite Hanks

I bet this will go for a lot of money !!!

A theatre company is auctioning off a speaking role in a play alongside Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Shakespeare Festival/La, a professional and community-based non-profit theater company, has offered a part in the Simply Shakespeare adaptation of The Comedy of Errors.

The winner will attend rehearsals, appear in the show for one performance on 18 May, and receive an invite to the VIP post-show party.

The sale began on Internet auction website eBay earlier this month and will end on Monday, with proceeds going to the Shakespeare Festival’s summer youth employment and enrichment initiatives.