Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Review

When Evelyn Wang is attempting to do her taxes for the laundromat she owns with her husband Waymond, she is suddenly taken on an insane adventure when it turns out she could be the person to save the world and keep the universes from all being destroyed. Getting to see all of the different ways her life could have been different.


Evelyn is a Chinese American woman who is very preoccupied on the tax situation that she is not really paying attention to anything else happening in her life. She is fully unaware that her husband Waymond is about to give her papers asking for a divorce. The relationship with her daughter Joy is at stretching point, and made worse when her father Gong Gong arrives in the US and she will not tell him that she is a lesbian and in a serious relationship with Becky Stregor.

That all seems pretty normal, or more like a normal life and events happening. Even when Evelyn goes to the tax office with her husband and father for a meeting with Deidre Beaubeirdre. On arrival though this is when everything begins to go utterly crazy! Something happens to Waymond in the lift and he tells her to get to the Janitors cupboard. Then it really goes off on a very strange and bizarre tangent, as she is then spoken to by this person who is from another reality.

After this everything really does go off in some strange and whacky ways, some of which I am still trying to process. Evelyn is told she can save the world by helping out, with this Waymond who is from the Alpha universe or Alphaverse who managed to develop verse-jumping technology which means that people have access to skills and memories and the body of their parallel universe counterparts. This is not an easy thing to do, but luckily our Evelyn manages to work it out with a few bumps in the road!

The film is split into three parts, part one being Everything, part two being Everywhere and part three being All at Once. Not only splitting down the title but some of the moments as well, which all demonstrate different things that happen to our characters. Within the universe that we were in (I think) and all of the different ones. It is claimed that Evelyn had more branches than the average person being close to her and that she was therefore deeply useless in the universe we watch her in. That she has not done anything good or worthy, but gave those chances to other versions of herself with the decisions she made. At that point of the film I couldn’t help but feel so utterly sad and devastated for that, as let’s face it we would never want to think that everything we have done is for nothing and pointless!

At some point in life we have all wondered what would have happened if we had made a different choice, especially when it could be a big life changing decision. This film really does explore what parallel universes could look like and the chance to wonder about different versions of yourself. Each decision you make could easily stem off a different direction for your life and change things about yourself as well. I mean when you think about it like that it is rather terrifying! But then if there’s a chance of parallel universes I hope that person has exactly what I have wanted at times, and that makes you smile right?

Considering the multiverse and now parallel universes are rather big in film right now, surely Everything Everywhere All at Once is totally the Multiverse of Madness? (sorry Doctor Strange). Don’t get me wrong though there was moments in the film that I really did not like as it was even too strange, but I fully accepted that it was still totally brilliant. I feel I will be forever traumatised by the universe with the hotdog hands, I mean that pushed the boundaries.

Other than thinking about the alternate life you could be living and having different skill sets, the core of this film was about understanding your family members and actually talking to them more, showing that you are always there and actually care about them. Surely this is something that the majority of people take for granted? I certainly think so. I mean with this it brings back the rock scenes and quite possibly by favourite quote “just be a rock” which was fantastic!

The performances were utterly brilliant, as let’s face it not only playing one character throughout but the cast actually taking on many different versions of that same character is not an easy task at all. Michelle Yeoh was utterly amazing in the leading role and such a joy to watch in all of the universes. Stephanie Hsu was great alongside her and got some truly amazing costumes and off the wall moments. Ke Huy Quan was given a more supporting the female characters and pulls that off in the bet manner. James Hong grew into his role in a very good way. Jamie Lee Curtis was a surprise for me as I had no idea she was in film, loved the appearance she was given and how she changed throughout.

Mind blowing. Mind boggling. Outstanding.

7 thoughts on “Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) Review

  1. Everything you said! Best film of 2022 – Michelle Yeoh will be Oscar nominated – a career highlight to be sure! Jamie Lee will also be nominated for Supporting Actress – perfect comic timing! Terrific review! Ke Huy Quan was on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and was terrific!

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