A Castle for Christmas (2021) Review

Sophie is an American author who has caused quite the stir by killing off one of the main characters in her book series, with the scandal this has caused she sees this as the perfect opportunity for a trip to Scotland.


When she arrives in Scotland she decides that she will buy a castle (as you do) that was important to her Grandfather. When she meets the Scottish Duke named Myles who currently owns it he is reluctant to sell it to an American. She also sees this escape as the perfect opportunity to get more writing done on her next novel.

The fallout from the killing of a character is actually rather amusing, considering people get very into that type of thing (the same with tv shows/film franchises) and I thought that was at least an interesting way for her to take the trip to Scotland. All while her ex-husband is getting ready to marry someone else.

The cliched Myles pretty much hating Sophie to begin with, sets everything up to head in the direction that they will naturally and easily then fall madly in love with one another, because this happens in everyday normal life, right?

Obviously the film is extremely predictable and cheesy in the right way for this type of Christmas romance. We are more than used to them by this point and it is a predictable Christmas film from Netflix but no where near the worst they have come up with, at least this actually had characters who were a little bit likeable. Plus I do enjoy seeing Scotland shown on screen, but other than that it still lacks a real drive and purpose which could have made it a little bit better.

I actually quite like Brooke Shields as I feel she works well with the material she is given and we can sympathise with her character. Although then we all wish we could just go to another country at times to escape the harsh reality when something goes terribly wrong. She is strong enough in the lead. Cary Elwes opposite her was decent enough as well, but did the chemistry actually feel/look good or was it more than we knew it was going to be forced upon us?

I am sure this will be a popular choice this Christmas period on Netflix, quite possibly with the women in the 50+ age range? That’s just my rather random prediction, but I feel as though they will be the ones who enjoy it more than any other demographic.

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