A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Review

An origin story of how Father Christmas came about as young Nikolas Christmas beings an extraordinary adventure to find his father in the snowy north, with his pet mouse as his only companion, until of course he meets a reindeer.


The set up for A Boy Called Christmas works very well with Aunt Ruth telling the story to three children and everything that was going along with it, a very nice way to do it as a story. With the three children being fully engaged in everything that was happening. Nikolas was not having the best of times his mother had died and it was just him and his father Joel left, when he leaves him to travel up north his Aunt Carlotta is truly horrible to him and not allowing him in the house despite the could.

He then embarks on a mission to find his father and therefore improve his life but it was never going to be that simple and magic he would find out was very real. First finding out that his pet mouse Miika could actually talk and therefore has a very good companion into the snow. Then being able to calm down a reindeer that wanted nothing more than to try and attack him to begin with, but then adding a second companion who wants to help him.

Everything would really change though when meeting Father Topo, an Elf! Discovering that they are very real and have magic that they can use for different reasons. Although Mother Vodol is on a power trip and does not appreciate a human being brought into their world.

This is a lovely Christmas film and I am sure it will be very successful for family and children’s viewing as it does carry the message of Christmas very well. Not necessarily the need for presents, but the need for kindness and compassion. Nikolas’ idea actually stems from a meeting with the King who claims that everyone is struggling with being depressed.

The cast is rather impressive as well, especially when it comes to British talent which is always a bonus right? I certainly think so anyway! Kristen Wiig also popping up as well was very unexpected. Jim Broadbent taking on the role of the King makes him a joy as always. Maggie Smith telling the story another absolute bonus! Stephen Merchant as the voice of the mouse, although I recognised him I couldn’t place exactly who it was at first. Michiel Huisman was impressive as well but the star of the film without a doubt was Henry Lawfull, taking on the lead in a film like this is certainly not easy and he was engaging from start to finish. Toby Jones and Sally Hawkins both making up the impressive talent within the film.

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