House of Gucci (2021) Review

A look into the family empire behind the Italian fashion house of Gucci, when Patrizia Reggiani an outsider marries into the Gucci and things will never be the same again.


First of all I was really looking forward to this film, boasting an impressive cast as well as the trailer making it look rather epic and quite frankly the potential to be an outstanding film. However, that is far from the case and the full film is quite a messy experience. I guess that means that I was actually left utterly disappointed.

It begins showing a romance between Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci, although is she more interested after she hears his last name? That is certainly something it very much implied. He was never really interested in being a Gucci or part of the fashion empire, instead studying to be a lawyer. His father Rodolfo did not approve of Patrizia and therefore disowns his son when he announces that he is going to marry her.

At that point the film is somewhat of a romance with some rather hot passion between the pair, which was pretty decent I guess. Everything would change though when Uncle Aldo Gucci would come back from NYC to Italy for his 70th birthday party. Running the House of Gucci from New York and creating the fashion brand, his own son Paolo is a disappointment to him despite just trying to impressive everyone with his new designs.

This would see Aldo take Maurizio under his wing and bring him back into the family business, this was always going to be a mistake right? Of course it was, if it all had a happy ending then we wouldn’t be watching a film about it. The corruption and deceit between the family members was pretty big that is for sure and I guess the wanting of power was something they all shared deep down.

In what could have been a very impressive film then felt extremely boring and slow. I actually struggled to accept this given the calibre of the cast (and director) but some of the performances were utterly questionable, as well as the accents constantly shifting. Surely its best to either go full Italian or not at all, instead of in-between. Jeremy Irons was like a cardboard cut out in his role, and that really shocked me as he is surely one of the top actors in his generation? Jared Leto has already won an Oscar so why is he trying so hard with this ridiculous performance for a second? Al Pacino was not used to his full potential. I love Adam Driver and Lady Gaga but even I couldn’t fully support them throughout this one.

It’s such a shame that while there was so much to contend with in terms of the story that it ended up being utterly flat. I guess it also makes you question the source material when the Gucci family have complained about it as well as Patrizia Reggiani? Maybe I was just expecting a lot more? But the reviews have all been a little bit mixed.

4 thoughts on “House of Gucci (2021) Review

    • You certainly did! It took me 5 days to eventually put my thoughts together on it! Your review also reminded me that I hated the music and didn’t mention it in mine.


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