7 Reasons why we should feel sorry for Draco Malfoy

This may seem a rather controversial post considering Draco is Harry Potter’s enemy, but is it really as extreme as that was the years pass and things change at Hogwarts? I am not really sure how this post will go down with people in all honesty as at times it probably does seem crazy to feel sorry for Draco.

I must obviously state that this post does contain SPOILERS

1. He’s an only child . . . Therefore spoilt! 

He had always been used to getting exactly what he wanted when he wanted it, this wasn’t his fault it was the way he had been brought up. Typical behaviours of an only child!

2. His father’s obsession with pure blood

This was bound to then be transferred down to Draco who was very nasty and mean about it. But again something we have to feel sorry for him as his father moulded him to hate muggle’s and half blooded wizards/witches.

3. His parents are Death Eaters

Let’s face it his family were massive supports of Voldemort and still carry off some of these traits, not hiding the fact of whose side they were on. This therefore put Draco in an awful position of having to become a Death Eater as Voldemort was gaining more power. Not forgetting his total mental Aunt Bellatrix!

4. He doesn’t have any real friends

They are more followers than friends, you know they won’t really have his back in the same way Ron and Hermione do for Harry. So he’s a spoilt only child whose parents are Death Eaters and doesn’t have any real friends . . . Surely you are feeling very sorry for him after four reasons?

5. He’s jealous of Harry Potter

From the first moment they see each other Draco is so incredibly jealous of Harry and his celebrity status around Hogwarts. Which really makes no sense as Harry doesn’t even have a clue about his history, surely Draco should have seen it as a task to become friends with Harry? Not forgetting that jealously is one of the worst feelings to have, and it certainly grows year by year for poor Draco.

6. He was ordered to kill Dumbledore (and didn’t want to) 

This pretty much sees him actually very strangely throughout the Half Blood Prince and on edge constantly. He didn’t know Snape had made the unbreakable vow. But his task from the Dark Lord was to kill Dumbledore. So we have to feel sorry for Draco in that we could see he did not want to do it at all and that it was eating away at him from the moment he was on the train towards Hogwarts. I think this is one of the best times we get to see Draco as his character really does grow and show so much emotion.

7. He does not want to join Voldemort at the end and must suffer one of the most awkward hugs in film history! 

I am really not sure if this was meant to be as hilarious as it turned out, but it really is such a strange moment. Especially considering Draco didn’t look like he was going to join the Death Eaters he looked very set to stay on the same side as Harry and the rest of Hogwarts. Something I thought was rather interesting, had he really changed or was that always what HE wanted and not his parents?

So there we have it seven reasons you should really feel sorry for Draco it wasn’t all his fault. He was just reacting to everything that had happened in his life and going on around him. Remember he had the chance to give Harry up and chose not to admit it was Potter.

Do you have any more reasons why we should feel sorry for Draco Malfoy?

18 thoughts on “7 Reasons why we should feel sorry for Draco Malfoy

  1. I don’t really feel that sorry for Draco Malfoy for this simple reason, his father should have been a better role model for his son, and correct any misbehavior he was conducting towards his fellow classmates, secondly, instead of being jealous of Harry, he needs to really understand that his name is just a name, the fact that he lost his family and doesn’t really know who he is. Lastly, if Malfoy was my son, he’ll get his little ass whooped.


    • Yeah but his father was a Death Eater don’t forget so never going to be a good role model at all. Children are sponges and become smaller versions of their parents. But I think in the end Draco shows he has some good in him!

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    • Yeah he really does change so much from the first few films/books. I don’t know if we are meant to sympathise with him or not but after seeing the films on a loop for the past week some of these things were in my head!

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  2. I do feel sorry for Draco. I sympathized with him in the sixth book as I realized the severity of what he had to do. It proved that for everything he had in his family and what was expected from him. There was good in him and he was the one that realized that all of those years of loyalty towards Voldemort is really just an easy path towards death and despair.

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    • Everything really does change for him by that point. I think the fact he really was never going to be able to kill Dumbledore shows that he is different to his family. Then following that up with not admitting it was Harry in the Deathly Hallows.


  3. Draco has always been my favorite and I have always felt so bad for him. I do think he had moments where he was just being a little you-know-what, but everything was pushing him to that way of life from the get go. I also just like to point out that the entire Malfoy family had growth as well. I mean, just imagine how much love that family had for one another at the end of the series! By the end all they wanted was to be together. I like the idea that there is a least a little humanity left. Not much. But some.

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  4. Hi there, when I saw this post come up on in my email I knew I had to check it out. You make a lot of good points, some of which I never considered. For me I feel bad for Draco for different reasons, I know he was a spoilt little asshole who gave Potter and co. a lot of trouble for the first few years of Hogwarts, however, I feel like he lost his credibility after he got punched in the face by Hermione. Before that event, Draco was an antatgonist for Harry, but he had style and was tenaious. However after that punch the guy never did anything cool again, he became the subject of ridicule and his life went to shit with his parents’ ties to Voldemort and the terrible things he had to commit to even though you could tell he wasn’t down for it.

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    • Yeah I think what you’ve said there about him really shows that his character went to a very bad place, and it wasn’t his fault at all. Did you see the massive support for Draco in all the comments for this post! I was quite taken back by that, as only one person doesn’t feel sorry for him!

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      • I a bit surprised myself but at the same time he’s such a compelling character and he’s always been around so we’ve gotten to see him grow and understand who he really is and why he acts like he does. Plus the guy just screams “cool” to me with his face and hairdos. 🙂

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  5. At first when the movies came out I hated draco but as the movies go on you cant help but like his bad boy attitude and outlaw good looks and then with the whole half blood prince bathroom fight in the bathroom you cant help but feel bad when he almost dies and has to kill dumbledore even though he dosent want to and also he had to become a death eater even though he didnt want to. you cant help but feel sorry for him.

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