French Kiss (1995) Review

When Kate’s fiancee Charlie suddenly calls her from Paris to tell her that he met someone else who he now plans on marrying, she must overcome her fear of flying to try and win him back. Sat next to Luc Teyssier on the plane would bring her more bad luck and drama than she thought possible.


Kate is very content with her life and is ready to buy a house and get married to the man of her dreams Charlie. When he travels to Paris, France without her due to her fear of flying she remains in Canada. It really does not take very long until her calls her to say the wedding is off and that he is in love with a French woman named Juliette. Even though Kate is going through changing her Citizenship from American to Canadian she is not supposed to leave Canada, but with her life falling apart she makes the decision to jump on a plane to Paris to win him back. Luc a Frenchman who she was sat next to on the plane was rather rude to her but it isn’t long before he needs her, or something that he planted in her bag!

We enter a rather crazy race around Paris as Kate has her bag stolen on arrival at the hotel Charlie is staying in and she then decides she is not ready to confront him after seeing Juliette. She then embarks on a mission with Luc to reclaim her bag and everything in it, including her passport. Inspector Jean-Paul Cardon is after Luc and we must wait to find out why exactly.

The pair bond on an adventure across France and she meets Luc’s family who he claims do not care about him anymore, which isn’t really the case at all. She is pulled from the comfort of the life she thought she wanted to enter a new world realising maybe she had it wrong after all. We get plenty of amusing moments and my personal favourite is when she falls back over the dessert tray!

French Kiss is utterly classic romantic comedy Meg Ryan at her very best, in all honesty I actually have no idea how I have never reviewed this film in all this time of Let’s Go To The Movies. It must have been one of those films where I just assumed that I had already reviewed it As you have probably realised I really enjoy this film and it is a perfect comfort film, 90s rom-coms really do have something about them!

Meg Ryan is just perfect as the relatable Kate and you want nothing more than to see her succeed. She does this role so very well and we were spoilt with her late 80s and early 90s performances across this genre. I personally just wish we had even more! Kevin Kline is utterly hilarious with his French accent and you cannot help but like his character albeit his many flaws. Timothy Hutton is unlikeable and I feel that is a compliment to his performance as we are supposed to really hate Charlie. Jean Reno is a total as the Inspector although he does not really have a massive amount of screen time.

Top level romantic comedy!

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