Bull Durham (1988) Review

Annie Savoy is well known around the minor-league baseball team Durham Bulls, as each season she picks a player to have an affair with and they always have the best season! This year is a little more complicated though when Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh an up and coming pitcher is her choice but she cannot help but think about Crash Davis the catcher assigned to him.


For whatever reason Bull Durham was a sports film starring Kevin Costner that I had never seen before and I had heard quite a lot of buzz and good surrounding it. I kinda feel that is possibly one of the reasons that I didn’t fully love this film as I was expecting so much more.

Annie Savoy is well known within the locker room and is pretty much a groupie for the team, picking a player each season to take under her wing and start a sexual relationship with the player. She sees the baseball team as her religion and the player she picks tends to have his best season yet. Nuke was a young hot shot pitcher who they all believed was destined for the major league. Crash was coming to the end of his career and that was a struggle, even more so with having to mentor Nuke who was not really taking it at all seriously.

That aspect I really did enjoy though in terms of a veteran struggling to understand what he is supposed to do next and having slight jealously over the new up and coming player who has it all to come and ahead of him. That is a reason why sports films are quite frankly outstanding, you don’t really get that many types of contrasting feelings in other professions. Nuke not having the focus to begin with but when he starts playing very well and believes not having sex was the key to his performance on the field was something that highlights just how superstitious people can be playing sport.

Performances were decent enough and I have always (and will always) be a very big fan of Kevin Costner. We have different stages of him as characters in sports films at different ages and I feel as though it must be something that he fully enjoys and believes in! Working very well with great chemistry with Susan Sarandon. She totally steals so many scenes and offers a very different approach when it comes to behind the scenes of sport. Tim Robbins was good to finish of the main trio, which works well as a love triangle that is for sure.

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