Bird on a Wire (1990) Review

When Marianne Graves stumbles across Rick Jarmin by chance one day she is convinced that he is her ex-boyfriend who suddenly disappeared. Although he tries to deny it, that is very true he had been in witness protection for years and now the bad guys were back out to get him!


The plot is pretty basic and doesn’t really have anything that will surprise you but I guess that is what should be expected from this comedy style action film right? Marianne heads back to the garage to see Rick again as she really was convinced she knew him from many years ago, this was at the exact time the bad guys who were after him had found out where he was. Hence how they ended up on the run together and this creates the story, both rather dumb and survive by chance really.

I guess the fact that the poster for the film has Mel & Goldie in big letters across the top that it means you should really lower your expectations for this one, I mean their names are bigger than the actual title of the film. That really should say it all. Was that enough in 1990 to get people to see the film, I am thinking that was probably right.

I can’t really say that I enjoyed a whole lot about the film, the car chase scene was decent enough and they tried? I just feel it has aged very badly and the whole 80s/90s woman in an action film screams were just too much in this one from Goldie Hawn, I really do hate that typecast in those decades. Although to be completely honest the more of her films that I watch the less impressed I become, I guess it just highlights even more so how times have changed. Mel Gibson is not far from other characters we have seen him play so I guess that was pretty standard for him in this type of film.

The worst thing was that I really thought I would like this film a lot, but maybe I have just waited way too long to eventually watch it and I would have appreciated it more watching in my teens? Maybe, I am trying to find more positives surrounding it but I think it just more shows how roles and types of characters have developed over the years, so I that isn’t fully a bad thing right?

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