Titanic (1997) Review

During an examination of the Titanic wreckage we are told an incredible love story that broke the class barrier on the ship of dreams and remained hidden for over eighty years!


Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you.

Has there ever really been a more iconic song that hits at the end of a film than “My Heart Will Go On”? I really don’t think so. It’s an incredible song with a beautiful piece of music which we get at different times throughout the film and it links ever so perfectly with the love story we are told about in the film.

Brock Lovett is leading a team attempting to find the heart of the ocean a very rare blue diamond that is believed to have gone down with the Titanic. They are exploring the remains of the wreckage from the unsinkable ship, this is when 100 year old Rose comes forward when a hand drawn picture is found and declares that is her! Something that shocks her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert as she had no idea at all that her grandmother had survived that event. I felt as though that really made for such a lovely backstory, they are then both taken to the wreckage site and we all get her story.

The sinking of the ship told by Rose and the love affair she had with a young man named Jack Dawson, someone that had no records around him considering he actually won the tickets in a lucky hand of poker just before it was due to set sail. She was actually engaged to Cal Hockley something really pushed by her mother Ruth as they had no more left and she wanted to keep that upper class status. This is an area that the film really pushes you towards especially after the ice berg hit and seeing the third class passengers locked behind the gates, a reminder that was where you stood in terms of class within the ships set up (and the world at that time).

Titanic is a true masterpiece in film making with how incredible it all looks and feels, everything from the costumes to fashion in 1912 and the fine detail for parts of the ship. Although I guess I do have to mention that whole blue screen right with the standing on the front of the ship? However let’s give them credit that it looks good and feels so real. We all know really that they couldn’t have possibly really filmed that on a ship in water!

The story between Rose and Jack all begins when she was ready to fling herself off the side of the ship one night when feeling suffocated by her mother and Cal. She did not love him at all and I mean who would he was incredibly rude and up himself. Jack just happened to be the one to save her and then is invited to dinner with all of the rich folk, Molly Brown helps him out by loaning him a suit and that pretty much transformed him into a gentleman in looks only. He was a struggling artist and the sparks with Rose were incredible.

Obviously Cal was not going to allow it and attempts everything to stop them being together. The intensity of the love was so pure and is still such a joy to watch, then as the ship hits the ice berg everything would quickly fall apart. Rose being so headstrong did not want to leave Jack despite having a couple of attempts at getting on a boat to be saved.

Leonardo DiCaprio became a full on heartthrob after this film and myself included having been snuck into the cinema to see the film as I was only 10 on release and it was a 12. We all loved him so much! He has so much energy, charisma and charm that you cannot help but just adore his character. Certainly highlights what a presence he was on screen. Then we have the incredible Kate Winslet who was so very young as well for this film and she gives it her all. Watching the film again now it is so easy to see just how talented they both were and still are going on to have such amazing careers.

In terms of support the cast are amazing with Billy Zane being everyones villain, Kathy Bates with her amazing screen presence. Gloria Stuart, Frances Fisher, Bill Paxton Victor Garber, Jonathan Hyde, Suzy Amis all having some great moments. Then the ultimate scene stealer of Bernard Hill as Captain Smith who shows the true panic and then honour of going down with his ship, that scene of the water smashing through the windows gets me every single time.

The film is epic in all possible ways and I truly feel its one of those very long films that doesn’t actually feel too long at all. Its a joy to watch and I even went to see the 3D version at the cinema quite a few years back now, although still unsure why anyone thought that was a good idea? I re-release would have been perfectly fine. The conclusion to watching this again? I still love it as much as ever!

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