The Edge (1997) Review

When a group of men get stranded in the wilderness, billionaire Charles Morse must use his intelligence to help navigate them out whilst a Kodiak bear is hunting them down.


The Edge starts off pretty tame and the build up to the men becoming stranded was quite frankly very impressive. We see Charles Morse celebrating his birthday with a truly hilarious yet jumpy moment of a “bear” after being told that if you encounter any you would be in trouble! Robert Green is a photographer and working with Charles’ wife Mickey who is a model, when they decide that finding a native man to be in them would be better.

Just before the plane goes down Charles had just asked Robert how he was going to try and kill him. As they survived the crash what would follow would be much more of a challenge with Stephen along with them the three men were faced a very difficult task, especially considering they were not in the place that Mickey and the rest of the group thought they would be.

The pace of the film is very good and everything is built up with plenty of tension, that between Charles and the very jealous Robert who is so clearly in love with his wife. Luckily for the men Charles had been reading a survival book (handy) before this happened so picked up a few little tips and hints. Although not all of them actually work, especially when they encounter quite frankly the most intelligent bear ever! Some truly outstanding moments and it really made you more engrossed in the film. Without spoiling any of the twists and turns I have to say the ending was extremely satisfying!

I’ve decided that out of the four stars I have awarded the film as it is highly entertaining, good pace and the performances that two stars are for the bear, then one for Anthony Hopkins and one for Alec Baldwin. I am joking with that but I do hope it helps explain some of my enjoyment while watching this film. Hopkins is brilliant in his role of control, something we have grown to expect in his different type of films and this was no different. Baldwin was a great match for Hopkins and they shared some fantastic scenes together in a battle that they were having against each other while also helping the other to survive. Harold Perrineau was good as well, more of a supporting role but the time he was on screen is well worth watching. I guess given the nature of her role we kinda dislike Elle Macphereson, but that was intended right?

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