The Island (2005) Review

In a dystopian future a group of people live in a facility and do different jobs, a lottery happens where they are then taken to the island. The only escape from the horrible reality they face, we follow Lincoln Six Echo and then Jordan Two Delta as they begin to realise everything is not as it first seems.


Dr. Bernard Merrick is the man who is in charge at the facility and each day Lincoln Six Echo is doing the same routine and everything is just quite frankly very odd, they are all dressed the same with plenty of guards at different points. Even some rather strange nightclubs and kinda everything we have in normal life but with a strange computer style twist.

Lincoln begins to have strange memories that cannot be explained and the picture he draws of a boat would become something rather important. Everything changes for him when he meets Jordan and he cannot help but be drawn towards her. She is then selected to go to the island. When this happens Lincoln decides to investigate further and that leads to finding out there is no island! Even at that point though it is not fully clear what is being done with the people in the facility.

I felt as though as a viewer that is one great thing about the film, we find out everything at the same time as the characters. We are never fully sure what has happened to the world and why they are inside this facility. When we find out that they are indeed clones and super rich people can have them made incase they need to have any surgery and operations. The film then morphs into more of an action film as the chase is on to find the two missing clones, Lincoln and Jordan. Key to this was James McCord who worked in the facility and actually became quite good friends with Lincoln.

I’m pretty sure in the past I have attempted to watch this film and found myself only making it through the first ten minutes. I was actually really pleased to decide to give the film another shot as I was actually impressed with the pace and quite frankly the ideas behind it where impressive as well. Then we have Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in the leading roles, both of whom work so well together and have that great ability to transform into the action sequences with great ease. The supporting cast are a little bit decent as well with Djimon Hounsou, Steve Busecmi and Sean Bean the pick of them with Michael Clarke Duncan having an impressive moment which felt more of a cameo than fully supporting.

Michael Bay films can be a little bit hit or miss and not really much in-between but I have to admit that this one is enjoyable enough and the way the switch from strange future to action films was good enough for me to watch on a Saturday night!

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