Clouds (2020) Review

When young musician Zach Sobiech is told his cancer is terminal he must deal with the thought of never having an adult life and doing anything after High School. His passion for music will allow

Based on a true story


With limited time left which is something no-one wants to hear let alone a teenager who should be looking forward to prom and then going to college. Struggling with the mental side of this he continues with his music dream and decided to record an album with his best friend Sammy Brown, who have been friends pretty much all of their lives.

I just felt the tough nature of the story was done in a lovely matter within the film. We are shown not only how Zach was having to deal with it but those around him as well. His family and friend, with his mother showing the emotions and his father bottling everything up. This was always going to lead to an argument but it certainly made for one of the moments that hit me the most and was my first bout of tears. The scene with the car, I totally found that so tough because it was a beautiful happy moment.

The hit song Clouds is so amazing and lovely as well, I am actually a little bit annoyed that I didn’t actually recognise that from when it hit number one back in 2013. I mean that is not that long ago at all. But it was used throughout the film from when he came up with the idea of writing it. Something that balanced everything out in an amazing manner. The scene of having a crowd singing it back was a lovely link to an earlier scene of them attending a concert and agreeing how amazing that must feel. Which was another crying moment as a viewer.

Clouds is a truly emotional journey that is even tougher given the fact that we already know it is not going to have a happy ending. The inspiring thing is though that Zach never gave up on chasing his dream up until the very end. A truly incredible individual that had to accept death was coming soon and figuring out how he could be happy in those finals days/weeks/months. I imagine it would be very impossible to not cry at so many points in this film, cancer is a very personal thing to each person as we have all lost loved ones to it at some point in our lives.

Fin Argus was outstanding in the leading role having to not only go through so many different emotions but also having to physically act as well. Which I know might sound a little bit strange but I am meaning the tough nature of cancer and how it destroys your body and the control you have over it. Sabrina Carpenter offered great support as Sammy and I really enjoyed how she was also given an equally emotional role to play throughout. A shout out to the rest of the cast as well who really were put into the best roles.

The biggest shame really has to be that the film was due to theatrical release but is now on Disney+ instead as the rights were sold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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