Game: Pop! Blitz

I have an every growing collection of Pop! figures, seriously it does become very obsessive. I know that they divide opinion and seem to be a very much love or hate collectable item. I for one love them so when an advert popped up on my iPad for this game I have to admit that I was rather excited. Another way to collect POP!s but where I don’t have to find space for them to be displayed!

It really is a super new game within the last week or so since the launch so I guess it wasn’t a big surprise to how I hadn’t actually seen anything about it until that advert. I play quite a few different games on my iPad and most revolve around collecting characters and things. I am fully aware these games are probably aimed more at children, but to be brutally honest I don’t care if I enjoy playing and it gives me some switch off time etc.

At some point you have probably played another game of Blitz there is also a Disney emoji one around at the moment and its not so different to candy crush and those games. Obviously with this one you collect POP figures, mainly starting out with Marty McFly from Back to the Future. When you play with the different characters they each have a different “special move or ability” that clears the figures from the grid.

I have always enjoyed this type of game and within this one you have a 60 second time period to play. I have found myself already becoming rather obsessed with this one and managed to build up the coins to buy a few boxes (not putting in any of my own money, like all games now it does offer in app purchases for game coins). Not forgetting within the game play that “stickers” for the characters are also possible to collect when you collect the number of stickers it asks for your character becomes more powerful.

I have managed to unlock a few more characters since doing this screenshot. When I started playing the game it had The Office US special where you can try and win a limited edition character from that series. Then if you can add any from that collection you get extra bonuses. This has since changed to a Halloween character theme.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing which films/tv shows and franchises they will add to the game over time. We have Back to the Future and Jurassic Park as the two big film franchises on the game to begin with. Not forgetting Shrek as well. Care Bears also feature.

There we have it though another way to collect POP figures! Looking forward to seeing quick updates from the game as the daily challenges section is still locked at the moment so that is something to certainly watch the space for as well, hopefully it will offer some quicker ways to build up the coins to open new boxes.

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