Holidate (2020) Review

After a very bad Christmas Sloane and Jackson meet by chance at the mall and decide to become each others “Holidate” someone to have as a date for different holidays across the year.


I feel like I need to start by saying that this is not the cheesy Christmas film that I was expecting by the trailer. I mean it is still a very cheesy romantic comedy film but I thought it was all going to be Christmas based. It starts at Christmas though and the idea behind a holidate for Sloane was to try and stop her mother from fixing her up with well quite frankly any man.

Jackson had a horrific Christmas with a woman he had only been on three dates with and becomes very embarrassed how she is completely nuts that they are in a full on relationship in front of her parents. So when he meets Sloane and this is an option they both decide it is a good idea and agree that no sex will be involved.

The outcome to all of this was always obvious that they were going to fall in love and actually get together. I feel that is not a spoiler considering you can easily guess that from the trailer alone. It made me wonder if taking the holidays across the year seriously like this about being alone is more of an American thing? I don’t really know anyone who is too bothered in the UK except for at Christmas?

That was just something I thought about when watching this film, obviously we don’t have Labor Day in the UK anyway. It certainly creates a very obsessive idea surrounding dating and having to have someone present at certain times. Which is a little bit of a shame considering nothing is wrong with being alone and enjoying that as well.

Emma Roberts seems to have been stuck in this rom-com genre and keeps going with them. I actually do quite like her in all honesty so don’t actually mind watching them. More in hope than anything else, but I feel this sub genre of romance has not managed to recapture the magic from the 80s and 90s. I am going to blame our current world with smart phones and social media which now have to be part of the story and nothing is romantic about those things.

It’s by no means the worst though and perfectly watchable if you want something rather cheesy. Luke Bracey bringing the Chris Hemsworth factor to the film. That’s right the Australian factor still seems to be rather hot and works quite nicely, so we can have the same jokes rehashed in another film. I guess if something works a little bit then it doesn’t really matter how much of it we have seen before? Its watchable enough and allows you to switch off for a little bit of time so nothing wrong with that for me.

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