The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) Review

When Lucy Gulliver goes through a rather spectacular break up with Max which also results in losing her job she must assess everything in her life and her known hoarding with objects from past relationships. Meeting Nick would change everything and the Broken Hearts Gallery would begin.


Lucy is living in New York with her two best friends and roommates Amanda and Nadine. They have constant bets on how long her relationships are going to last and that was the same when it came to Max. We didn’t really see much from this relationship as the beginning of our story was the end of that. At a work function Lucy ended up rather drunk and not being able to cope seeing Max with his ex, something he never told her about.

Ending up not only embarrassing herself and her boss Eva Woolf the owner of the art gallery she is fired as well as dumped. When waiting for her taxi she gets in a random car driven by Nick who turns out to be a very nice guy (super lucky right?). He listens to her ranting and drops her home anyway, she is not interested in him at all. by chance their paths cross again and we see that Nick is attempting to build and open his own hotel.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is created with a little bit of teasing after Lucy took one of Max’s ties and therefore something to remember him by. She has many items like this and begins to create this gallery on social media with items them being dropped in at the hotel by people from all over New York City.

The thing is the concept of that gallery and letting go of not only the person but the things attached to them is something we have all struggled with at some point isn’t it. That is what truly works very well within the film as anyone watching can easily think of an item that they either still have or held onto for way too long! Then the stories behind these items was pretty nice to listen to as they were all very different experiences. I actually feel as though I would have enjoyed a lot more of this.

Now I feel I need to address some issues I had with the film. The first being a rather big one really which was a shame but I just did not like Lucy at all, I found her way too irritating from the start and it just passed the point of no return for me. Essential in this type of romantic comedy that the leading characters are likeable. Then Nick was ok, like just ok. Nothing more, nothing less, ok. Again not great for that obvious moment or moments when they would get together. Part of me was really hoping for a super brave and different type of ending, but we got the predictable one.

With not liking the character of Lucy I am then finding it hard to really put together what I made of Geraldine Viswanathan’s performance. As I guess she was given a pretty interesting character to work with despite how I felt towards her. Darce Montgomery was then given a brooding character that as I mentioned was just ok, therefore the same can also be said for his performance being ok. Bernadette Peters was very underused as I thought she was just great every time she appeared on screen, but I am come on a karaoke singing scene and she couldn’t be worked into it?

I will finish though by saying that the idea behind it was certainly very impressive and the need for some forced romance killed it a little bit at times, which was just a real shame. I was probably expecting too much from the film in terms that it just looked like it was going to be very good. I feel it actually could have been really good which is why I have been left with slight disappointment.

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