Enola Holmes (2020) Review

When Enola Holmes discovers that her mother is missing she wants to set off to find her, but that is something her older brothers Sherlock and Mycroft don’t really agree with. So she sets off away from them and unravels a story with. young lord Tewkesbury.


As Enola sets out the story is shown as she travels and then in flashback form to different memories she has with her mother. This was a pretty good way to flow the story and fill us in one anything we could have been missing to help with the relationship between the pair. Mycroft was to look after Enola but that was certainly something she did not want to happen. As she makes her way towards London trouble seems to be very easy for her to get into.

The thing is though while it started quite brightly it quickly fades and the running time feels a lot longer than the two hours. Which was a shame really as it seemed as though it could have been a lot more engaging and interesting. Something I did start to wonder was if it was more geared towards a teen audience having a sixteen year old character as the lead. Especially given the number of scenes that contained an aside moment. Talking directly to the screen, which I guess attempted to have a fun quirky type style and moments to the film. On the whole though everything was just very average, nothing spectacular and the storyline was weak with the lack of twists and turns.

We have had a lot from the Sherlock world over the past decade with the two films and then the amazing tv series set in a modern London. As well as an ageing Sherlock in Mr. Holmes. This must have been taken into consideration and how we ended up with Enola. Sherlock has been seen a lot and we need something a little bit different? Apparently that is what Netflix though, although we do get the famous sleuth making some appearances in relation to the story.

Millie Bobby Brown quickly rose to fame with her role as Eleven in Stranger Things. It is nice to see her taking on a leading role like this and she certainly has the charisma and screen presence to drive the film. Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect choice as Eduroia Holmes, even though she obviously does not have a lot of screen time but uses it in the best possible manner. Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin give us different versions of Sherlock and Mycroft respectively, both decent enough in the roles.

Overall, I just felt as though this had a lot more to offer and fell very short of the expectations given the cast and new character to introduce.

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