The Babysitter (2017) Review

When Cole decides he will pretend to sleep in order to spy on his babysitter Bee who he just happens to have a huge crush on, the way his night pans out is certainly not what he had in mind at all when murder occurs.


The Babysitter starts off as a pretty normal film and we get to see Cole at school who is being bullied and does not really have a massive amount of friends. Although his neighbour Melanie is the only person he seems to have. So when his parents are going away for the night she convinces him to spy on Bee because she would probably be having sex downstairs. As crazy and messed up as that sounds it is something he decides that he will try and do. Apparently that is what babysitters do when the kids go to sleep.

However from his vantage point on the stairs what looks like a rather innocent game that mixed spin the bottle and truth or dare together. Although the geeky guy certainly did look out of place that was for sure and as Bee makes her way around kissing everyone after a dare he ends up with knifes in his head. Something that I certainly was not expecting that is for sure! Then Cole hears that they mention getting some of his blood and he must rush back upstairs.

That kicked off what I can only describe as an utterly bonkers journey throughout the rest of the film and that you really need to expect the unexpected from that moment forward. That was something that I did and while at times gruesome it managed to mix that with some amusing moments. Cole was likeable enough that we actually cared about what happened to him. Bee was pretty much totally crazy along with her friends Max, Sonya, Allison and John.

Considering I had not actually heard of the film before watching it, yes I have no idea where I have been for the past three years on Netflix but it had never popped up before. Which is quite surprising really. In terms of performances given her role in Ready or Not I felt as though Samara Weaving was given some similar moments in this one, expect this time she was the psycho! Judah Lewis was more in the leading role and he was pretty impressive really. nothing spectacular but watchable enough. Robbie Amell was quite frankly hilarious with each and every scene, especially given that he had his shirt off for nearly all of the film!

A watchable enough film that managed to find the right balance between the horror side that was quite brutal but mixing it in the funny amusing manner. Although I don’t really know what that says for my sense of humour? I do seem to have a little bit of a soft spot for this type of film now which I guess is rather surprising.

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