Always (1989) Review


When Pete Sandich dies during a forest-fire which he was trying to put out from a plane, he is brought back to mentor a young pilot and to bring closer to his girlfriend Dorian Durston.


Always has a rather lovely story at its core and brings hope that when you lose someone they will comeback to support you until you can function more on your own. Not that you will ever really get over it but learning to live and deal with the loss.

Pete and Dorinda had a rather special relationship and it was a little bit crazy but in the best possible manner. When he gives her a gift a dress and she was very unimpressed with this given her more tomboy nature and that is something I feel I can more than relate to. Although given that I do own a lot of dresses from my clubbing days, which therefore are not worn at all anymore. Anyway I thought that was actually a good character trait as very different.

Al Yackey is Pete’s best friend and certainly brings a lot more to the story. As well as showing that the grief for a man losing his best friend can be just as bad as any other personal loss. When Pete finds out he has died he is spoken to with Hap and this does create some nice scenes. Then we get Ted Baker the young pilot who was drawn back to the town because of Dorinda. The new love interest feels pretty natural and not forces which is a bonus as well, to begin with I was a little bit concerned that it was going to be too set up.

I personally think that this film was nice and just nice, nothing more than that. It wasn’t spectacular or groundbreaking just some nice characters with a nice story. Nothing wrong with that at all but that is why I have given it the three star rating. When he was talking to them he was supposed to then become their own thoughts and I am not fully sure if I liked that idea or not. It was something that I couldn’t really make my mind up on. In terms of visually we are given some impressive scenes with the planes and I was lucky enough to watch this in UHD 4K.

Holly Hunter is given an emotional role and shows the different processes of grief in such a very good manner. I actually don’t think that I have seen her in many films, which I don’t really know how or why. But I really did enjoy her in this one. Considering Richard Dreyfuss spends most of the time in the background and behind the other actors not making eye contact I felt as though that was a good performance from him. John Goodman was the absolute scene stealer and that is something that he does so often. Especially being in a more supporting role, he has such an amazing presence on screen.

One thought on “Always (1989) Review

  1. I have such a soft spot for this film- I was one of the few that watched it during its original cinema release, back at a time when I was feeling lonely and at a crossroads in my life, having come out of college facing an uncertain future. Fell in love with the soundtrack music. Whenever I see this film I’m thrown back to those tender-painful times. Smoke gets in your eyes indeed.


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