Stardust (2007) Review


Tristan Thorn is in love with Victoria who hardly notices him, he lives in the countryside bordering a magical land and he vows to retrieve a fallen star by her turning into an incredible adventure.


In what Tristan believes will be a very simple quest turns into something so much more as he will learn about himself, live and more importantly love. The star just happens to be a woman named Yvaine and Tristan is not the only person looking for it. Little did he know about his heritage and the dying King of Stormhold who’s remaining sons battle to become King! Then we get three ancient witch sisters who want to eat the star to stay youthful and replenish their powers, a little bit of Hocus Pocus style thrown in with that part.

On the quest to get back to Victoria, Tristian and Yvaine are captured by pirates and meet Captain Shakespeare, who is not what you would expect as a pirate captain. Given his love for dancing and dressing up! We get plenty of small sub plots which all link together nicely for the overall plot, something that makes the film flow in the best possible way.

I have found myself watching Stardust quite a lot over the years and enjoy it each and every time. Even though I feel it is under appreciated and not seen enough. Everything about it has a lovely edge to it and so nicely put together. I really do adore fantasy films that include magic as they allow you to fully escape from the real world, that is something this film captures in the best possible manner.

The cast throughout from leading roles to supporting and even smaller more cameo style roles is so impressive. Charlie Cox goes from shy to charming during the film and he really is a very good leading man in this one. Having great chemistry with Claire Danes, who takes on so many different types of roles I really enjoyed her in this one. We have Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer who have fantastic supporting roles and some incredible scenes. Yes, I am talking about De Niro dancing around with a feather boa and Pfeiffer with her very old ugly make up is something pretty special as well.

Then we have Mark Strong, Peter O’Toole, Rupert Everett, David Walliams, Ricky Gervais, Mark Williams, Sienna Miller, Ben Barnes, Harvey Cavill and to finish it all off Ian McKellen as the narrator!

With that it is just a truly entertaining and enjoyable film that I know I will continue to enjoy and watch many times in years to come. I really do recommend this one as sheer joy escapism, who doesn’t love fantasy worlds and magic?

5 thoughts on “Stardust (2007) Review

  1. After I graduated college, I had to do the spell where I went back home to live while I looked for a job and what not. One day I was feeling quite lonely and saw this movie was playing in the local cheap seats theater. Since I had nothing else to do I went to see it – boy did it ever cheer me up! I absolutely loved it and bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. Even today, I pop it in when I need a smile. I agree it is totally under appreciated, I always wondered why it didn’t catch on a bit more.

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