Limitless (2011) Review


Eddie Morra was a struggling writer who could not even start his latest novel let alone finish it, when he is introduced to a pill that allows him to access 100% of his brains abilities he manages to become a financial wizard but it comes with so much danger!


Eddie is rejected by his girlfriend or now ex-girlfriend Lindy and that confirms to himself that he really has nothing, struggling to write a novel. Everything would change with a chance meeting of his ex-brother in law who introduces him to NZT which is a new designer drug. He begins to take it without really asking too much about it which was obviously going to be a big mistake. The drug allows him to use all of his brain power and this makes him truly focused and more confident than ever.

It raises a very interesting question that if you were given this opportunity would you decide to take the pill? I think everyone would at least want to give it ago and see what they could achieve. But the downside like all drugs is how utterly addictive they all are. Especially within the film and storyline considering Eddie does not really know where the drug has come from and who else has experienced it.

This would lead to some very bad moments especially when he gets involved with Carl Van Loon and the stock market. Not forgetting his “time skip” moments after doubling and even tripling his dosage of the pills. Attempting to find a balance and more importantly stay alive when he looks into others who had taken the drug then stopped. The future did not look very good for Eddie in that sense.

Plenty of twists and turns throughout the film and it really does keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat at times as well. This is what makes the film even better than just being about a drug where you could actually improve your life in so many ways. As we know so many drugs just destroy everything, this one had the potential to do the same but if you can manage to control it in the best way like Eddie being clever about it all.

Bradley Cooper was really the perfect choice for the role of Eddie Morra, especially the transformation with the charm and charisma. He was born to play that type of role showing that he really does have so much talent, making it very enjoyable. Robert De Niro in a supporting role showing that he does work so very well with Cooper.

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