Fangirl Moments – Orlando Bloom & Bill Nighy

So with my epic crusade to the Caribbean on my rewatch of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise it suddenly dawned on me that Orlando Bloom and Bill Nighy both starred in Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End together. So a quick image search came up with this fantastic photo of them!

The best fangirl moments come when two of your fandoms are together right?


6 thoughts on “Fangirl Moments – Orlando Bloom & Bill Nighy

  1. Heh, they’re ace!

    My one fun moment was standing next to Bill Nighy at an About Time screening, just before him and Richard Curtis played table tennis, no lies!

    He hung up his coat next to me, he honestly said something funny and I laughed but couldn’t speak to him like a normal human being….

    That was an awesome night. Miranda was there as well!

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    • OMG that is amazing! I adore that film so much, its so lovely and heartbreaking!

      I was lucky enough to meet him at the stage door after seeing Skylight in the West End a few years back now, an unreal play. Also met Orlando too!

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      • Hah, we both saw Skylight then, Carey was superb as well!

        Yeah, it was a screening event at Pong ( and such an awesome memory, got a video somewhere. Wish I could have spoken to either of them like a normal person but such a big fan of both, was proper starstruck. Heh!

        LOVE the film to, absolutely beauty.

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        • Skylight is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen, related to it so much! Carey was lovely as well. I’ve always wanted to see it again but missed the cinema screening 😭

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