Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) Review


When Will Turner and Elizabeth were due to marry they were both arrested instead, Will cuts a deal to track down Jack Sparrow. Who has his own problems as he is attempting to recover the heart of Davy Jones to save his own soul . . .


Nothing was going to go to plan that is something we learnt during The Curse of the Black Pearl. The second instalment gives us Dead Man’s Chest, the dead man in question is Davy Jones who is the captain of the Flying Dutchman and his heart was given for his true love. The crew on his ship are ghostly sea like creatures now, all sold their soul to Jones in order to “live forever” one of his crew members just so happens to be Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Will Turner wants nothing more than to marry his true love Elizabeth is is willing to do anything to ensure that happens. He even believes he can bargain with Jack Sparrow. When he attempts to find him it takes him to a strange island where Jack is somehow the leader? I have to admit I always have and always will find that part very strange indeed.

Something I do really enjoy embedded into the plot or plots of this films is Norrington now becoming an outlaw pirate type and I feel he is much better in that than his character in COTBP. Elizabeth was not going to just wait around for Will to save the day so she sneaks on a ship pretending to be a pirate/man. This is something that I feel shows slight forward steps for his character considering in the first she was rather helpless until towards the end. She gets the chance to tell the men what to do and really becomes more likeable.

It has a lot of different sub plots going on but for a film with a running time of 2 hours 32 minutes that is something you would really expect. Plenty more time to build up the three main characters as well, showing good development and most importantly more amazing one liners for Captain Jack Sparrow, something that worked so well once again.

I feel this one has even more sword fighting and action scenes than the first film which is certainly good to see unfold. Especially the crazy scene between Jack, Will and Norrington which certainly pushes the boundaries. Cutler Beckett is our new quite frankly horrible character who wants to get the compass from Jack. We have more fantasy and magic thrown in as well truly taking the Caribbean to an unreal magical place even more so than the cursed crew!

Johnny Depp shows just how perfect he is as Captain Jack Sparrow and delivers the lines in such an amazing manner. Based the character on a drunk Keith Richards as well! Showing that this could well be one of the best characters in film. Orlando Bloom was given more to work with as Will Turner and I personally think that is something else that is great to see, you are probably already aware that I was a massive fangirl. Keira Knightley shows that she is going to push the boundaries in the best possible way in taking Elizabeth forward. I am huge Bill Nighy fan and love his voice in this considering he is just “fish face” as Captain Jack calls him! Not forgetting the addition of Stellan Skarsgard to the cast as well!

Once again the score is just perfect and some of the shots are out of this world with the sea and sand. The two ships were built for the film and in all honesty I really do feel that even part shooting on location and using actual props is something that makes this film look visually better than other films we get now that are extremely CGI heavy (obviously I know a lot was still used in this film, but real footage in important as well).

A very good second part of what would grow as a franchise and lives up to the high standard set by the first film which is always a bonus when we invest a lot of time and many years enjoying these films.

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