Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) Review


Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must work with Captain Barbossa and sail to Davy Jones locker in order to find and rescue Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirates code is going to be essential as they must work together in a very decisive battle to rule the seas.


At World’s End is the third film in the franchise and for some part the end of a trilogy and considering it took four years after this one for the next film it just shows that it probably was meant to be the end. In some ways it does finish things off nicely or bringing them full circle if you will.

It has an epic running time of 2 hours and 49 minutes which to be brutally honest probably wasn’t really needed and with that we are given some very drawn out scenes. I feel this one lets down the momentum on the first two films as well. This was filmed back to back with Dead Man’s Chest.

The plot and many sub plots are even more complicated than Dead Man’s Chest and again that lets it down a little bit. You do need to have seen the previous film to understand Davy Jones, his locker and heart. What is attached to all of that. On the plus side though we do have Captain Barbossa back who let’s face it is the best pirate in the whole series, sorry Captain Jack! I just feel as though when you create an image of a pirate in your head he is the exact image. Don’t get me wrong though we all love Sparrow for the comedy value of course!

However, the scenes where we have loads of Jack Sparrow’s I feel is a little bit too much. I understand it was supposed to show that he had totally lost it when in Davy Jones’ locker and not understanding where he was but it felt more put in for people to laugh and be amused at rather than anything constructive for the plot of the film.

The best character development continues to be Elizabeth Swann who pretty much becomes a pirate herself and even in charge as Captain at one point. We do get a heartbreaking scene as well which I think is the moment we get this full switch wanting to make Culter Beckett pay! Also what a truly horrible character he is, and saying that when the film is about pirates certainly is something else.

We don’t get as many good single sword fights in this one but they do up the ships battling in the sea scenes. Something that I cannot really complain about as it does look good to watch. Tia Dalma has a bigger role to play in this one and it really is great to watch, especially as I failed to mention Naomie Watts in my Dead Man’s Chest review. Forgetting that she had actually been around for many years and was in this franchise!

As mentioned earlier about Barbossa I feel the need to now gush about Geoffrey Rush a little bit more, I mean when you think about to Curse of the Black Pearl he is a great pirate but not overly likeable. But in this film is is both of those things and seems to have warmed to Will and Elizabeth. He really is a terrific actor and should get more praise! Johnny Depp continues the legacy he has rightly set for Jack Sparrow and is given more interesting jokes throughout. Orlando Bloom again growing as Will Turner who has choices to make between his father and Elizabeth. Keira Knightley who I probably didn’t appreciate when first seeing this film at the cinema or repeat viewings really does come into her own in this one.

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