The Knight Before Christmas (2019) Review

The Knight Before Christmas

High school science teacher Brooke had pretty much given up on love and in the build up to Christmas she meets Sir Cole a Knight who has been magically transported to the present day from his world.


When Brooke meets Cole she just assumes that something happened in an accident and that he just cannot remember the truth about where he has come from. Obviously time travelling from the past was not something that anyone is going to believe.

She finds herself helping him to navigate through the modern world with so many things that he finds strange as you would being suddenly dropped into this crazy world we live in now! He has a quest which once completed he will be able to return home, but he needs to try and figure out what this is as well.

This has all of the elements that really make up a cheesy christmas film and if that is what you are after then it will not disappoint. It has all of those things that we love (and hate) about this type of film. This is something Netflix really has got involved with in recent years and another Hallmark inspired film that they can add to the collection they have very quickly started to build.

Vanessa Hudgens was in The Princess Switch last year so we have seen her turn her hand to this type of film before. I think I preferred that one to this in all honesty. She was still a nice likeable character but I didn’t really warm to Josh Whitehouse as Cole. I felt he was flat and not very likeable at all. So the romance felt very forced. I mean come on that is something that is essential in this type of film, they aren’t really about Christmas. Its a cheesy romance that just happens to be around the festive period!

This film personally for me just lacked any of that sparkle that we have grown to love when it comes to the cheesefest films. Considering so far Netflix for 2019 have released some very impressive Christmas films one was always going to fall short and so far The Knight Before Christmas takes that mantel. Which I was half expecting in all honesty, so I wasn’t left disappointed with this film or anything like that.

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