Le Mans ‘66 (2019) Review

*Le Mans ‘66 – UK Title. Original Title – Ford V Ferrari

A high paced film looking at American car designer Carroll Shelby and mechanic/driver Ken Miles as they look to race for Ford who want to beat Ferrari at the 24 hour Le Mans race to show the world they can create a fast car and not just mass produce them.


Le Mans ‘66 or Ford V Ferrari is a very impressive film from start to finish. I am not a motor racing fan, never have been and don’t think I ever will be in all honesty. So everything really had to be explained to me in order to understand and enjoy this film. I feel as though that was done very well. I had no idea Le Mans was a 24 hour race and that these crazy races existed.

The build up towards that was something that was very exciting to watch as they attempted to make the car faster. Ford was not renowned for having fast racing cars but that was something Henry Ford II wanted the company to work towards. Carroll Shelby a former driver was the man they approached to make this happen, he did something ridiculous and promised them he could do it in 90 days. With his team and that included Ken Miles a rather eccentric driver but also a very good mechanic.

As well as attempting to help build and drive this new car Ken Miles had to look after his family, something that was not going in the best direction when his garage is closed down. He pretty much needs this Ford job to work out well, unfortunately though Leo Beebe one of the many executives takes a dislike to him and does not want him as the face of Ford. This obviously makes the film rather exciting in that sense but the fact it is a big story and film means you work out that Ken will drive in 66.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale are totally perfect together and in these roles. I have been very excited to seem them in this film together and they do not disappoint. I seriously think I count both of them within my favourite actors around now. Becoming the characters in the best possible way, is there anything that Bale cannot do? His transformation and method acting at times really is something else. Noah Jupe was very impressive as Peter as well, a very accomplished performance from the young actor.

Visually the film looks fantastic and having the different cars in throughout the sound of them speeding around the track is something else. Really adding to the experience of a motorsport film. It manages to be edge of your seat exciting and brilliant character development to go along with it. The build up and suspense towards the race, seeing how difficult it is to achieve greatness is all shown within this film. Having no background on the story I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen next. Even though small parts I could work out due to the fact it has been made into a film.

I found myself going through so many possible emotions when watching the film and that wasn’t something I was expecting at all and something I feel gives this a huge compliment.

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