Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Review


Monarch an agency which sets in motion many god-sized monsters. Showing that Godzilla actually now must protect the world in order to survive, the three-headed King Ghidorah being his biggest challenge.


If you want plenty of monsters with some crazy scenes then this is the film for you, if you don’t want any of that then you are better off avoiding it. I actually felt some of the acting performances were a lot better than I ever expected in all honesty. But when you look at the cast it is pretty impressive in all honesty.

Our story is based around Dr. Emma Russell who cannot get over the death of her son because of Godzilla back in 2014 and she has created a device that allows them to talk to the different monsters that they have captured in different parts of the world. Keeping them calm, or so we think when Jonah Alan turns up and we get a slight twist in the plot as Emma is not doing things for the right reasons anymore.

Her daughter Madison was just about to tell her father Mark via email that she was worried about her. But it was too late and as they begin to release the monsters and cause absolute chaos around the world Godzilla must prove that he is the King. That means that he must fight on the same side as humans, for now anyway. Which does create a truly epic shot during the film.

While we do have a lot of monsters at times the actual image on the screen is not the best at all, which was rather disappointing. We are given plenty of different colours and crazy moments which is what an action film like this should be like right? Of course it should! It is a film that will well and truly divide opinion and could well be a love or hate type. Surely you will just avoid this type of film if you know you are going to hate it. We get the usual army and doctor scenes where they are against each other as well with the plan that they want to use against the monsters. Even when this was released a couple of days ago Godzilla v Kong has already been marketed around with a poster so we certainly will be seeing a lot more of the King! I am saying that because long live the King had to be one of the cheesiest and best moments in the whole film.

It’s great to see Millie Bobby Brown in her first major film role and I thought she was pretty impressive, even when they had to give her a screaming scene which certainly reminded me of Stranger Things. Charles Dance is the perfect choice for a bad guy right? Oh we all know that by now, he never disappoints even with limited screen-time. Vera Farmiga is an actress I feel doesn’t get enough roles as she’s always good, again her character change was very effective. Also throw in Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, Bradley Whitford and Sally Hawkins and that is some impressive cast.


4 thoughts on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Review

  1. This looks and sounds fun. I get bored with consecutive loud set pieces, but I do have a soft spot for giant kaiju movies. And this one has plenty!


  2. The reviews have ben mixed in the US and the box office was soft…just not sure if Godzilla resonates here unless the reviews and word of mouth are superlative…great review by the way!

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