Booksmart (2019) Review


When best friends Molly and Amy realise that they have missed out on key events of the High School experiences and growing up due to focusing just on studying and getting into top Colleges they try to make up for it all in the final night before graduation.


Coming of age films are always so popular because no matter which stage of your life you watch them you will always find moments, characters or the story all too familiar and relate to it. Booksmart can easily be compared to Superbad but with female characters instead of male.

Molly has her life mapped out very carefully and will not let anything stand in the way of the plan. She wants to be successful and powerful, she had already started to implement this into her character whilst at High School. Being the class president and forcing her classmates to listen to everything she has to say. She is rather overpowering to Amy who just does as she says and goes along with her plans. Amy had been out for two years and had a crush on a girl she didn’t actually know was even a lesbian. So her plan for their final night was a little bit different.

As they attempt to get to Nick’s party without knowing the address they are opened up to many different things over the course of the night. They push themselves through their comfort zones and really do things they have never done before. They even get to know people in a much better way as well, finding out that people really aren’t that different at all. At the end of the day everyone wants people to like them and have a pretty easy life in that sense.

We are given all different stereotypes of characters throughout the film and this is something that is then destroyed in the best possible way. I say that because when Molly finds out that other classmates have gotten into the Ivy League schools she cannot quite believe it as they don’t seem interested in school. Showing that you never really know how much effort someone is putting into work and that is certainly something to be mindful about.

Something I really enjoyed about this film was that our main characters never actually did anything to try and fit in they were very comfortable being themselves and that really is a good message to send. Along with that the fact that you must find a balance in life for (school) work, having fun and having friends. Something I feel we really neglect as we get older, keeping friendships alive and having social time seems to be the biggest issue.

Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever work very well together and that is something that was essential for the film to work so well in the manner that it does. With the silly best friend moments of dancing around and complimenting one another. I hoped we would see Lisa Kudrow get more screen-time than she did as come on we hardly see her in anything now! Skyler Gisondo was quite a scene stealer for me in all honesty, he went from being laughable to likeable in some good character development.



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