Happy 89th Birthday Clint Eastwood!

The legend that is actor/director Clint Eastwood turns 89 years old today! He stars in some of my all time favourite films, Million Dollar Baby and The Bridges of Madison County.

2 thoughts on “Happy 89th Birthday Clint Eastwood!

  1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… what an iconic film that is, his whole persona in that is almost Godlike, larger than life, particularly as it is his peak frozen in time forever. I’m not certain the real-life Eastwood is somebody I’d get along with in Real Life but his movie roles, hell, big part of my life I guess. Can’t imagine there will ever be another Movie Star quite like him or with a career like him in future- the world and Hollywood has changed so much. Here’s hoping he is well and enjoying himself and maybe has a few more projects ahead of him. The fact he still working at his age is amazing, frankly.

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