Game of Thrones (Season 1) Review


Number of Episodes: 10
Running time: Approximately 55mins per episode

Winter is coming . . . In the fantasy world mainly Westeros with our focus being on Eddard “Ned” Stark and his family. As he must travel to King’s Landing to take up a new position for his friend and King Robert Baratheon.

We are introduced to many different noble families all of whom believe they have a claim to the iron throne and they should be ruling. This is where the battle truly starts as we gain background to a lot of the characters and you quickly pick your favourites. Although something you learn very quickly with this series is that you should never get attached to a character as you have no idea how long they will live for!

The Stark family are firmly put across as the heroes and the ones we should really root for from the beginning. Well that is how I have always felt towards them in all honesty. The Lannisters the bad guys with plenty of reasons to hate them all, except for Tyrion of course as he isn’t just so likeable! Not forgetting the Targaryen who are exiled with Viserys attempting to get back as he believes he should be king. Making his sister marry Khal Drogo, which actually turns into a nice love story. Dragons are mentioned quite a lot as well, something that we should really take notice of.

The show does not shy away from anything we get plenty of nudity, sex scenes, incest, battle scenes, gruesome deaths and even true love at times. All of which actually works out so well in terms of the character building and different stories. So many characters to totally hate as well, yes Joffrey Baratheon I am talking about you! Plus knowing that he is only going to get worse from this starting point.

Not forgetting the men beyond the wall who are doomed to serve the realms and never experience a real life. A lot of men are sent to serve when they have been found guilty of a crime, as punishment. Jon Snow the bastard son of Ned Stark is our hero who has been sent to serve. His story is certainly off to a good start, but I still firmly standby that Samwell Tarly is a great character.

This was my second time watching Game of Thrones season 1, I caught up with them and have watched live from season 3. However for some very strange reason I did not actually write about it. Totally stupid I know. However, I have decided to challenge myself to watching them all again before the 8th and final season. I actually forgot just how good this first season really is, that is certainly something that I have therefore enjoyed on my adventure back to the seven kingdoms.

Watching again was certainly a great idea and highlights which characters you know to watch closely. I probably picked up a lot more during this viewing as I know what is to come for most of the characters. It made me realise just how much of a game it all really is. A battle to survive and that is nor only for those who are actually fighting. It all moves at a very good pace and I had forgotten just how impressive this first season really is. If you have not seen any Game of Thrones before it really is the perfect time to watch it, all available as box set on Sky. It’s just the best having it download as you are watching so the next episode is always ready.

13 thoughts on “Game of Thrones (Season 1) Review

  1. Terrific review…I watched the first two at the very beginning of the series and it didn’t click for me…so now Ihave to go back and give it another shot…luckily I have HBO and can see them all for free!

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    • Oh that’s good! I have Sky Atlantic which show all of HBO over here. I feel like I should have watched them all a second time. It is very tough to write about them without spoiling so many things!

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  2. I’ve been occasionally tempted to watch GoT, but it’s a bit like how I am about the books, after I read the first two and realised how long I’d have to wait to get to the end … not going to read the rest until the final one is written … not going to watch until I know who ‘won’. 😀 … I’m not usually like this, but there’s something about the whole saga, both filmed and written. 🙂

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