Poster: Avenger Series

The up and coming End Game is going to be the fourth Avengers film and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a look at the main character posters for each film. How we have plenty more within the Universe and how they have changed.

I actually think I love the End game one the most, Inifity War is a little bit disappointing I feel. Age of Ultron shows how crazy the film was going to be.


Which is your favourite and why?

6 thoughts on “Poster: Avenger Series

  1. I’d have to agree with you and say that Endgame is my favourite. It looks so clean and crisp and they’re not trying to cram everything into it. I do wonder if having Chris Evans in the center is meant to be foreboding.

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  2. Definitely agree the Endgame poster is the most well put together one. My mind, body and soul is ready for this film 😂 I’ve never felt THIS way about a film from a series before.


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