The Holiday Calendar (2018) Review


Abby is a struggling photographer and this Christmas she inherits an antique holiday calendar, which seems to predict the future, unless she is just over thinking it all? Can she find the love the change her life?


Netflix are getting pretty good at releasing a lot of Christmas style films each year and having them on from early November as well. I am not sure if this one will have the same impact as the Christmas Prince last year but it is the first one they have released for 2018.

It is perhaps the most predictable film you will watch, after the first five minutes you can easily guess how it is all going to end which is a shame really. Can we not get films like this that aren’t are obvious? I guess not.

Josh is Abby’s best friend and has decided to move back home after spending a lot time travelling as a photographer. Yes, they are in the same profession and one has done a lot better than the other. Obviously it wouldn’t be a Christmas time film if they then didn’t have to dress as an Elf and be part of the local Santa.

The calendar Abby receives belonged to her Grandmother and with this she gets some nice scenes with her Grandfather who passed on the calendar. Her grandmother had believed it had special powers and that was how they met. This makes Abby really think that the same will happen for her and when she meets Ty, she believes this to be fate. He is a doctor and a single father and they go out a few times. He just seems a little fake in the way that he goes on with her, too good to be true!

I guess when you want to believe something is magic then everything can be seen exactly how you want it. That is something I feel about this story. Abby just linked everything to how she wanted to see it. If we really try I guess we can do that in all different situations and make them about what we want them to be about.

This is certainly not one of the better trashy Christmas films but I still cannot resist this very strange genre! I really don’t know why I have such a thing about watching them so much! I know a lot of others are the same though, so I don’t feel too guilty!

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