Netflix Christmas Films 2019

In recent years Netflix has joined in the cheesy Christmas film market trying to out Hallmark the Hallmark Christmas films. It certainly has been such a great idea as well. This year they launched the 2019 films on 1st November with Holiday in the Wild which I have already watched (and reviewed) and I throughly enjoyed it. I find it hard to believe that anything else is even going to come close to that one, as it has some nice messages as well. But I thought this was the perfect time to have a look at which new cheesy film will premiere each week on Netflix throughout November and into December.

Don’t worry though A Christmas Prince, The Christmas Chronicles, The Holiday Calendar and many more will be back to enjoy over again. It really does feel like they put a lot of effort into these films, knowing that they are going to receive so many watches throughout November and December in the build up to Christmas.

Let It Snow – November 8th
A snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve (of course it does) and this brings together a group of High School students, testing the limits of friendship and love with nothing the same come Christmas morning. This does sound promising right? Some Christmas spirit is what everyone needs.

Klaus – November 15th
The only animated film on this list of new arrivals, looking at how an act of kindness can really make a massive difference. A new postman Jesper meets Klaus a toymaker and everything they have ever known is about to change for the better. This really does have some good actors for the voices Joan Cusack and J.K. Simmons.

The Knight Before Christmas – November 21st
When a Medieval English Knight is magically transported to the present day he falls in love with a High School science teacher who has given up on love! Obviously this sounds like a truly perfect Christmas film! Although who else feels old that Vanessa Huygens is now a High School teacher and not just dancing around as a cheerleader?

Holiday Rush – November 28th
A popular radio DJ after being fired has to move in with his aunt along with his four spoiled children and must figure out how to get another job. This one has a festive realisation written all over it. As the children have expensive Christmas lists but can they all find out quickly enough that sometimes less is more?

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby – December 5th
The third film in what will no be an epic Christmas cheesefest of a trilogy! The ultimate gift a royal baby with I am sure plenty of moments to rival the first two films! We can only dream and hope, considering how many memes and articles have been written around the first one. Especially when it seems to link very closely with Harry and Meghan.

What are your feelings on the cheesy christmas films? Will you be watching any of these new ones from Netflix? 

11 thoughts on “Netflix Christmas Films 2019

    • That does sound promising and we only have to wait until Friday for that one to be available! I like that they are having one premiere every Friday!


  1. I adore Christmas films and I can tolerate a certain amount of cheese but as soon as it leans towards cringey I bail haha. I am looking forward to watching Klaus. I always feel like the art of animated films just capture the magic and wonder of Christmas.

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  2. I love Christmas movies. I also love romantic comedies set during Christmas. But the super cheesy ones are so painful to watch… I can’t do the Hallmark/Lifetime Channel movies at all. I will be watching the Netflix ones because occasionally they put out a really fun rom-com…unfortunately the last couple have been horrible. I’m going to watch Holiday in the Wild though! And probably Let It Snow… it can’t possibly be as bad as The Last Summer was.

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    • I haven’t seen The Last Summer which sounds like a good thing! I really liked Holiday in the Wild, elephants are a great addition to a film! I struggled through Santa Girl last night oh that was bad!

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