I Feel Pretty (2018) Review


Renee Bennett struggles with insecurity in her looks and this has an impact on her confidence. But one day when falls and hits her head she wakes back up believing she looks skinny and beautiful, which causes her to live without fear.


I want to start off by saying that I wasn’t actually going to see this film as I am really not a fan of Amy Schumer at all. But I decided to give it a shot having it in a cinema double bill with ‘Life of the Party’ figuring they were both comedies and leading roles for women so why not? I feel as though I also need to admit that I was actually very impressed with Schumer in this one as the character felt a lot more real than what I have seen in the past. Renee felt like she could be any woman who does not have confidence and wishing she was skinner, prettier and had more attention from the world.

After watching ‘Big’ one night she decides to make a wish in a fountain, but nothing happens until of course she bangs her head in a pretty hilarious accident in the cycle gym she was struggling to get to grips with. When she wakes back up she sees a totally different reflection in the mirror, even though she is exactly the same. The thought of being thinner and prettier lead Renee to make some incredible life choices, which include applying for a job she didn’t think she would get and getting herself a nice boyfriend. The only issue is with this process she ends up being horrible towards her two best friends who have always been their for her.

I was interested to see the outcome when she eventually realised she was actually always the same. But it does raise the important issue that if you have confidence in yourself then other people will accept you in different ways. I found that to be very interesting in all honesty as the way people were then reacting to some of her comments were pretty cruel but it does go back to the fact that people do judge others on how they look. As much as we don’t want to accept that it is true still.

I have to mention Michelle Williams and her performance as Avery LeClaire which was totally hilarious, the way her voice was high-pitched and squeaky it made me smile every time she spoke, I thought it was pretty good to see her in this type of comedy role as we are used to seeing just a serious side in hard-hitting dramas. Fair play for having fun with this film and role!

Due to the messages this film puts out I was actually very surprised to see extremely low ratings on different websites, but I was then wondering if that is mainly from male audiences who don’t like to be reminded that women are constantly put down all the time still? As I am sure each and every woman who watches this film will be able to relate to some part of it, even if not Renee but some of the other characters.

Considering I wasn’t expecting to like anything about this film I left the cinema wondering how I could be more confident and how that could impact on different parts of my life. Not really a feeling you expect when heading to see a comedy but I guess that shows how powerful it really is!

4 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty (2018) Review

  1. I posted a story about this film – Schumer has been getting a lot of negative press coverage for this – it’s common in the entertainment industry – if it appears that your rise to stardom was too meteoric, then you have to be shot down…we really enjoyed this, as well as her previous film “Snatched” – here’s what I posted if you are interested:


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    • That’s such a shame reading your story as I got what she was wanting from the film. I am sure it will defer for Male and females for this one in all honesty. But I’m pleased she made this despite the negative surrounding it.

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      • We really enjoyed it, just as we did “Snatched”, which critics said was horrible…it was a “knives out” for her because of backlash…I sense she will stay focused and keep telling stories that resonate with her – something more than just an easy laugh, but those are there as well!

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        • Ahh I had to turn Snatched off I just couldn’t get into it. But I wasn’t a fan at all, but now feel a little sorry for her so will give her more of a chance in future!


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