Life of the Party (2018) Review


Deanna is suddenly dumped by her husband of over twenty years and realises that other than her daughter she has nothing left in her life. She decides to return to college to finish the degree that she started!


We all know by now that Melissa McCarthy is very hit miss, but I still give her a chance and have a lot of hope when heading to see her latest comedy outing. considering the last couple have fallen short I wasn’t expecting much at all from this one. But I am pleased to say that ‘Life of the Party’ offers a lot more than I was expecting, actually having some pretty good messages with it. Don’t get me wrong some parts I did not like at all but parts I did, so I guess not bad would be the best way to start off this review.

I could not help but feel sorry for Deanna from the opening scene as she just seemed to be so nice and well acting a lot older than she actually was. The way Dan her husband broke the news of wanting a divorce and having someone else was pretty brutal. Obviously this does build up for some rather amusing scenes in the aftermath of this event happening.

Considering her daughter is in her final year at college and then mother shows up! It could have been a lot worse than it ended up being but I actually thought it was quite nice to see how much Deanna could help the young women out with the different crisis they end up in. Her affair with a much younger man was extremely amusing as well, creating my favourite scene in the whole film which I thought was hilarious (restaurant one for those who have seen it).

I found it to be inspiring at times to tell women not to settle for something because a man says so, that was pretty much how Deanna did not finish college due to being pregnant and Dan telling her it was better that he was the one to graduate. I think that in itself really shows how times have changed and people have moved forward. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting the film to make points about that and show that if you really do want to achieve something then you can.

Maybe that is something that everyone needs to remember more often? I certainly think so, while I am not saying this is a fantastic film it was more than watchable with some very interesting points hiding within the slapstick nature at times. Isn’t that something that we should really look for within a comedy film? A film to make you switch off and forget about everything else for a couple of hours? With Melissa McCarthy doing what she does best?

I am not saying rush out to see this one, but I have seen worse attempts at comedies like this one in all honesty.

3 thoughts on “Life of the Party (2018) Review

  1. McCarthy has now made three films that her husband directed, and they are considered her weakest. I’m glad you liked this, and it’s a bit of a “pile on” here in the US – critics want her to be funnier, and the films to be better, so they are using her husband as the scapegoat…we’ll see if she takes a break from him or not…great review!

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      • Yes, they have a sense of humor that isn’t resonating with her fans…to me her best was “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock – really funny and lots of action nd good interplay between the characters…plus Bullock took some pressure off of her to carry the whole film

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