Rampage (2018) Review


When three different animals become infected with a dangerous substance, a primatologist battles to save Chicago.


Before heading to the cinema to see Rampage I will admit that I didn’t really know what it was about other than The Rock was in it and a giant Ape. Do you really need to know anything else about a film when it has those two components in it? I guess not really. The Rock has become one of my guilty action pleasures and I do enjoy seeing his latest films, you know what to expect and that it will help you switch off. The timing of the screening was a 3D film which I am not usually a huge fan of but I decided to then upgrade to the DBOX for the first time and it was probably a pretty good choice for that.

We are given a little bit of background to show Davis’ relationship with the ape George and how they can sign to each other and he can keep him calm. But it doesn’t take long at all before something happens to George when some space experiments by the Wyden’s company goes wrong and the following day he has grown a lot! Claire Wyden seems to be more ruthless and in control compared to her brother who does what she says, they are pretty awful villains in all honesty. We then get Dr Kate Caldwell who tells Davis that she works for them and can stop the formula as she worked on it for the company. Then add in Harvey Russell and we have plenty of different things going on when the main aim was to stop the three animals from destroying Chicago.

I guess that is pretty much all of the plot which you can see isn’t really much but we get supersized animals and a lot of destruction as well as different modes of transport and things blowing up. Would you really expect anything less from The Rock in an action film? It was certainly watchable and the 3D and DBOX certainly added to it all in my opinion especially considering the noise level in the film, plenty of moments for the DBOX to kick in as well.

We have grown to know what to expect from Dwayne Johnson and he does not let anyone down with his performance in this one. I thought Jeffery Dean Morgan gave a pretty impressive and different performance, seems like a while since I have seen him in a film at the cinema. Naomie Harris was a good match up with Johnson and was a pretty kick ass female character.

As long as you go into this one not expecting very much I am sure you will find some enjoyment in the silly storyline and destruction scenes. If you expect it to be amazing or great then you are bound to be left a little bit short. Not the worst in this genre at all, but not the best either just a crazy action film to switch off with.

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