Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Review


The cinematic event that has been ten years in the making. Every film we have watched in the Marvel Universe leading to this epic explosion.



It does not disappoint, following so many heroes that we have grown to love over the years and crossing more of them into that same Universe. Some parts had been kept separate until now … 

Trying to comprehend and then put everything into words whilst also not giving away any plot points as spoilers is going to be rather difficult. But I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. You need to see this film, you need to appreciate it and you will love it. 

Thanos wants to rule the universe and by collecting the stones that will give him the ultimate power to do just that. I want to look a little bit at the character he is supposed to be our ultimate bad guy. The worst to hit our avengers and heroes. The problem I found with that? Well I quite liked him. Which is a tough thing to feel really considering the many different things he does. Must be partly to do with Josh Brolin and the voice. Some of the things he talks about actually makes sense and I found myself conflicted at times. 

Along with his follows Thanos is on his final quest to gain all of the stones. This is when our heroes are stretched across many different planets, which creates so many amazing scenes and allows Marvel to keep the comedic moments and the entertainment very high. Some of this one liners have been seen already in the trailers and clips but the full scenes are even better! 

I personally found the build up to heading to the cinema for the screening as rather intense. Building up nerves of what might happen and basically if it is actually going to be that good. I have to say it’s not very often that a film can manage to do that but I am sure a lot of people will feel like that as well. We have all invested the past decade to watching, enjoying and loving these films and characters. 

It reached a point when it felt in a similar mould to Lord of the Rings with a sense of adventure and the action. The different characters in different places and I feel that is a huge compliment to what they have achieved with this universe. My LotR love is still strong to this day so I love it when something reminds me of that. 

With the more recent additions of Black Panther and Spider-Man it is great to see how they are inducted into the action and I do love the ongoing relationship between Peter and Tony Stark a good highlight especially after Civil War to Homecoming. 

Plenty of surprises and shocks are packed into the film from the very first scene to the final. When the credits began to roll the audience gasped at the screening I was at just showing how shocked everyone was at what we had just witnessed. Even now I still cannot quite believe it, unreal! 

It leaves everyone wanting more and answers, that is going to be some wait!

14 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Review

  1. Incredible hard to discuss with saying any spoilers! I hear ya, but when I realised when it was going to end… it was like ‘whaaa!!’

    I’ve also got a number of theories about certain things that happened, all I’m saying is Doctor Strange for the moment, in case others read the comments!

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  2. Another great review, I’m off to see Avengers again tomorrow, but in RealD3D this time, then hopefully getting the chance to see it in IMAX next week, I should have all the bases covered then lol

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  3. Great review. I finally saw it last night and though not a great MCU fan was well entertained. Who’d have thought though that Howard the Duck would have such a prominent role and then served up with an orange sauce in a the finale? (Oh, sorry, are spoilers not allowed in comments?? 🙂 )

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    • Haha yeah of course ;-). Glad you enjoyed it especially if you are not the biggest fan of the MCU as I think it shows they really did push this one with everything!


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