Annie (1982) Review

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow your always a day away . . . Little orphan Annie with her red hair and fight in her captures your heart in this classic musical tale.

With truly memorable songs and dance routines that will have you wanting to join in (I do I’ve seen this film so many times, just with the songs mind, my dancing days are well and truly over haha). It has a lovely heart to the story and you will find yourself rooting for Annie. She is very likeable and let’s face it Aileen Quinn can carry a tune as well.

I cannot actually believe I have not reviewed this film sooner, because let’s face it the name of this blog is actually the title of one of the songs in this musical. Let’s Go To The Movies, I do believe it has feature in the musical moments section but no review. I must apologise for that, but obviously with the truly awful remake I had to watch this version again at the first opportunity.

I have watched this film so many times, grew up watching it and doing some of the dances in the school of dance I used to attend for shows. I have an internal love for ‘Never fully dressed’ because of that. The best thing about this film though and something I really appreciate now more than ever, is the truly incredible cast they put together for it. True broadway stars are in this one Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters and the amazing Ann Reinking. What a combination for one film, I bet many people would have loved to see them all share a stage.

Anyway so Annie is chosen by Grace to come and live with millionaire Oliver Warbucks for a week. Which is about to change both of their lives forever. Not at first though as Annie is adamant that her birth parents are going to come back for her after a note was left when she was baby.

Miss Hannigan pretty much hates the girls and constantly drunk, not the ideal woman to have in charge of the orphanage. But that adds to the story, the fantastic Carol Burnett delivers one of the best songs in my opinion in ‘Little Girls’. She really is something else as Miss Hannigan but don’t worry her character develops in a fantastic way in the end.

Another added bonus for myself is that Tim Curry is in the film, honestly I love that man so much yes I am a huge Rocky Horror fan. which obviously means I love the song ‘Easy Street’ as it’s the only one he gets to sing in. Not usually a very liked song either, which is such a shame when you look at these three stars performing it.

I actually think Albert Finney does a swell job as Daddy Warbucks and just about pulls off the singing and dancing. You really can find him taking on all different types of characters in all different types of films. He also shaved his head for his role in the film!

So please don’t subject yourself to the new release of Annie, enjoy this classic instead after all the sun will come out tomorrow!

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