Legally Blonde the Musical (UK Tour) Review

legally blonde 1000x690px

Elle Woods – Lucie Jones
Emmett Forrest – David Barrett
Warner Huntington III – Liam Doyle
Paulette Bonafonte – Rita Simons
Professor Callahan – Bill Ward
Brooke Wyndham – Helen Petrovna
Vivienne Kensington – Laura Harrison
Kyle – Ben Harlow

Venue: Sunderland Empire

Date: Tuesday 17th April 2018


Legally Blonde as the film is one that I still hold very much in high regard for its humour and quick wit showing that blondes really can do anything, led so fantastically by Reese Witherspoon I can still remember when it first came out back in 2001 and have seen it many times over the years. Despite my love for the film this was the first time I was lucky enough to catch the musical version on stage, something I am very happy to say I have now done. But also a little bit annoyed with myself that I had not seen it before, because the show is absolutely fantastic!

It keeps your favourite parts of the film but then packs it all out with amazing song and dance numbers which really are impressive to watch. It is a very fun musical, that you cannot help but laugh and smile along with. I think that is a pretty impressive thing for a musical to do in all honesty as some that are based on films fall a little flat. That is not the case for this one which grows in momentum from start to finish!

Elle Woods has to be played by a strong singer and actress with Lucie Jones in that role we get the full package as she is so delightful as our blonde heroine. I must also mention just how amazing Rita Simons was as well as Paulette totally stealing the stage and putting in such a great performance. Together they work so effortlessly together and I have to admit I really was looking forward to seeing ‘Bend and Snap’ because let’s face it that is such a huge part in the film for comedy.


Seventeen years after the film and the messages that are wrapped up in the show still make you want to cheer Elle and Paulette on as they both want to find love but don’t actually want to lose themselves anymore. The different situations they have both been in make them a lot stronger and realise that you do not want to have to change yourself for a man. That is something that with Elle and her reasons for originally wanting to go to Harvard Law to win back Warner, luckily that changes rather quickly when it appears she does actually have a gift. Also thinking about her situation with Callaghan and the me too campaign it just shows that things might not have changed too much.

Overall this is a truly delightful and fantastic show that I wish I could have went to see again in the same week. Yes, I really did enjoy it that much! So nice to have such a feel good show, with nice messages, inspiring songs and amazing dance routines (the skipping rope routine with lights with outstanding). So if you are interested in a fun musical night at the theatre check out the Legally Blonde Website for the remaining tour dates which finish in June 2018 here!


6 thoughts on “Legally Blonde the Musical (UK Tour) Review

  1. Great review – the original film is a lot of fun, and I can imagine how much better it would plays with upbeat songs as well…”Mean Girls” is headed to Broadway and I’m sure they are doing the same thing with that as well, but the “mean” aspect will be interesting to see – will they find a way to make it fun as well?

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