Stage Door – Cuba Gooding Jr

On Saturday afternoon I went to see my all time favourite musical after it returned to the West End recently. Currently starring Oscar Winner Cuba Gooding Jr as Billy Flynn, I was then lucky enough to get a photo taken with him at the stage door! Such a lovely man. (Chicago review to follow)


9 thoughts on “Stage Door – Cuba Gooding Jr

  1. That’s terrific! I was lucky enough to hang out with Cuba, Robin Williams and Annabella Sciorra at the Cannes film festival, when they were promoting “What Dreams May Come” – Cuba and Annabella were upbeat and fun, and Robin Williams was amazingly nice and generous…so great you got a picture with Cuba at the stage door!

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  2. […] April was another good month seeing The Last Ship at wonderful Northern Stage, it was my first time in that theatre and the stage was huge. This worked well for the production being on a shipyard. Read the full review here. I then managed to get a very cheap ticket for Throughly Modern Millie and it was so much of a surprise show that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. Read the full review here. I was on the fence about going to see The Band Musical and that was because I was and have never been a huge Take That fan. I liked the way they had a new story with the songs mashed in it. Read the full review here. Next was a show I have always wanted to see due to loving the film Legally Blonde the Musical, and I was not disappointed one bit. It’s a terrific show with some very catchy songs. Read the full review here. The month then finished with a West End trip the day before I took on the London Marathon with my all time favourite Chicago and it had Cuba Gooding Jr in it! Read the full review here. Stage door with Cuba Gooding Jr here. […]


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